Straightforward Poems for Straightforward People



6/30 Here’s a little molly dodger

6/8   As I said, I have been ill, overworked, uninspired and in love recently, so I haven’t done much writing. I am glad to say I am over three of these conditions and the work situation should be clearing up soon.  So, a new poem – voila!

11/7 Good Lord! Something new. And original. And better than the usual bunk. Here!

10/22 – Hey y’all – just a quick flash to let you know that your good friend and neighbor, DJ Myke Todd, has set up his shingle over on BlogSpot – here’s a link to his latest – he;s a great guy and writes some real soulful stuff, so go on over and say hi and have a read!

9/14 – a repost. hitler lives on walnut street

8/11 – new work – dan, you’re a boat. Ass kickage will ensue.

7/6 – new poem! cali super-fragile mystic  No cussing, most of the words are spelled right and I don’t think it will offend any ethnic minorities!

6/6 –   Some new little folderol   …me?  stupid??

5/17 – “salo (jeff buckley is dead)” has been exhumed from the catacombs of MySpace and is presented for your delectation.


4/19 – Do I see the extraordinarily talented and astonishingly beautiful Katherine Shirley amongst my subscribers?  Peeps, y’all need to go read this woman –  She’s grrrrreat!

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13 thoughts on “Straightforward Poems for Straightforward People

  1. Lookin’ goooooood in the Chuck T’s, Sebbie!

  2. changeforbetterme on said:

    Hi! I’ve nominated you for THE WONDERFUL TEAM MEMBER READERSHIP AWARD. You can read about this great award on my blog I’m nominating the blogs I thought deserved it, I do out of respect. It’s because I love how they always interact with other bloggers. Reading and commenting. They in my humble opinion represent the bloggers who support other bloggers in the best way! It is no way because I want to spam my blog, or get new readers. I really only want to honor other bloggers! Please don’t feel you are any way obligated in following the rules or doing anything other than accepting. thanks!

  3. Thank you for your interest in my blog, Seb, glad to have crossed poetic paths!

  4. Liana on said:

    complete agreement with you on the new “reader” panel…what a pain

  5. Hey Seb, love this “what’s new on the blog” summary. Very cool! 🙂

  6. I HATE the new reader as well! Makes it so difficult to find who I want to see, and on a phone, its impossible! 🙂

  7. I swear I saw you on some other website recently. I can’t remember where though.

    • There’s only MySpace and here and I haven’t been on MySpace for a year. I might have to google myself!

      • You commented somewhere. It was something like a WordPress. Maybe it was WordPress and I was just weirded out to run into you somewhere else. Your Gravatar looks like a friend of mine so I notice it right away. Hmmmm

      • Oh I comment on lots of stuff. I like commenting better than posting.

      • That could be it. Just for some reason I thought it was elsewhere.

      • I found out where I think I saw you. Are you on Goodreads at all? If not someone else was on there going by the name Seb.

        Also I downed two big vitamin waters full of electrolytes. Whether it was a placebo or not it seems to be working. Thanks!

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