rebuilding the moon


we basically had to rebuild the moon.
the old girl had lost her edge.
no one had been up there in years,
those nice boys no longer call.
they took her out, courted her sweetly
in the end, they just left her hanging
untouched as a president’s widow.

we basically had to rebrand the moon
her songs no longer scan
we’re ashamed to hear her sing of us
of how she was our finest hour
they recall her as the resting place
of an eagle and a stiff starry rag
that embarrassment of our glories

we basically had to reboot the moon
she reminds us too much of science
and in these times of faith and flutter
science means we have to own our doubts.
god wants back his mystery
so she sits, an unposeable question
a bruise of our hubris on the sky.

we basically had to remix the moon
she doesn’t play with key demographics
the lovers are lost, the poets all dead
even the lunatics are all backslidin’ and equivocatin’
so she waits there,
pretty as a Texas girl
with a cast on a broken leg.

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9 thoughts on “rebuilding the moon

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  2. Fan-bloody-tastic, Seb.

  3. wow. Other realm fantastic. If I was wearing one–hat’s off. So good.

  4. Fuck. Sorry, bad language and all. It’s a form of expression, so I repeat: fuck. I feel bad for the old girl, but I love that you’re looking out for her.

  5. Sigh. You write her a love poem every week….

  6. This is amazing. We all know what it’s like to be left hanging.

  7. lenewithstyle on said:

    I find you sharply observant here, yet there’s a twinge of sentiment at the edges.

  8. Myke Todd on said:

    I remarked, in passing, to Nyla, just last week, “It appears I have been lassoing the wrong moon.” It was a cold, cynical remark, somewhat unlike me, but I was mad, and let it show. Afterward, when I heard the playback, I felt badly for saying that. I still felt the same way, but it should have gone unsaid.

    This is all pretty brilliant, you know… not just that you wrote it, but that the thought even came to you, and you recognized it for what it was… Leave it to you, to end up being the only one in the crowd who never became jaded or brusque.

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