Straightforward poems for straightforward people


12 thoughts on “About

  1. I like you’re new blog layout.

  2. So, tell me about when you ruled Myspace. Is there a story in that?

  3. I never notice before but your blog address is in portuguese? where are you from, seb?

    • Baltimore, Maryland darlin’. I was, however, born in Rio De Janeiro, when my folks were running a business down there and lived there until I was about 6. Beijomacio was the name of my old man’s boat when we lived down there.

  4. It has been over a month now you know…

  5. Seb, where are you? And I thought *I* was bad for not updating my blog! 😉

    • Hey darlin’ – I just been a combination of busy, sick, overseas and in love. I’m getting over all of them except busy so no doubt I’ll be around soon….

  6. Jerry Bush on said:

    Looked for Seb, found Seb here..and I’m four years late. Still love your words. I remember the MySpace days.

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