there are cities


There are cities
where men such as I
are revered
and considered
great outlaws

for crimes such as
mocking god
driving too fast
and fucking
other men’s wives.

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18 thoughts on “there are cities

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  2. these cities are bastions of moral micrometers! I can see the wanted poster of your kitty 😉

    • Hey Theo – glad you could drop by! I’m doing some interesting stuff here with old and new material. This is kind of a cool place and i have some ideas about how to make it work at the interpersonal level. So, how you doin’?

      • I see that you’ve done some excavating, compacting, yellow lines and asphalt paving from one .. Is that a surveillance camera down there? >>
        Funny, it sounds a little cave-like down on the main floor here.

        Mind if I roll out a little white paint…?


  3. hans kreher on said:

    Close to reality for many.
    There are women who talk on cell phones in the passing lanes, on the interstate, who think it’s O.K. to step on the brakes and let another car pull ahead. Speaking from behind, put them all in jail, or let them drive on the beach in Daytona.

  4. well, this place is new to me…
    happy to see your doing it somewhere

    • Hey-O

      Nice to see y’all. Strictly speaking, I have already done most of this elsewhere – the foundation is a retrospective of old work that I can re-write, re-model, re-jigger, add music to, make little films for – whatever I like, really. A chnace to learn from my mistakes! 🙂

  5. You’re living the dream, Seb

  6. These things are crimes? That seems a shame! Great poem – short and sweet and show us the importance of being true to our own bad selves.

  7. Very charming, very Seb like.

  8. That’s what I love about you, Seb – back to the future is always an option!

  9. Pennie Tipton on said:

    Short, pithy and the manifesto of a man who lives life on his own terms

  10. I would say this sums you up as well as any poem I have read of yours.

  11. thatbiatch1982 on said:

    Yeah, I don’t live in that city. Pity!

  12. I love this. great!

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