mulder and scully

m&s copy

When we were married
my wife and I
didn’t do nothing
but stare at the sky.
They said trust no one
so no one did we trust.
We just kept on starin’
‘til the sky fell on us.

She was 62 inches
of heart crushed by love,
ridiculous heels
and fresh latex gloves.
I was the crossfire
of wind foul and fair,
bad life choices
and great 90’s hair.

One day, in the car
driving some place,
she turned to me
with a haunted face.
She said “what do you seek?”
I said “what have you got?”
She said “where are we going?”
I said “x marks the spot”

“Are there monsters?” she asked
I said “yes there are”
She asked where they were
I said “here, in this car.”
They’re hunting whales,
or killing mockingbirds
“Sure, fine, whatever” she snapped.
She never said another word

Some folks think
that out there is the truth –
they want to believe
regardless of proof.
They said “see the stars”
from the shoulders of giants.
So we weep at the beauty.
but cringe at the science.

We knew what was coming
and yet were unready.
I didn’t go to it laughing
or longing for cherries.
She woke up one day
and I was just gone
A new partner signed up.
That’s how you move on.

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17 thoughts on “mulder and scully

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  2. Myke Todd on said:

    If there is such a thing as a right way to move on, as opposed to otherwise, this would certainly be the road map to fold and put in one’s pocket.

    Great piece, Seb. It wears as comfortable as Saturday clothes and was as welcome as a letter returned to sender due to insufficient postage that one regrets having sent in the first place.

  3. I don’t understand this at all. I’m not sure about the perspective of the narrative or any of verse 4, for that matter. It can’t be as simple as it seems, can it?

    • Think it as the Ex (wife) files. Think of it as two roughly concurrent defining romances of the late 1990’s. Think of it as a double date between well matched emotional cripples. Think of it as the difference between romance between Ahab and Starbuck (which was fundamentally what he X Files was) and a romance between Stubb and Starbuck. Think of it as an illustration of the difference between the giddy optimism of faith and the grinding pessimism of proof. Think of it as an analogy for what happens when a woman with potential to love falls for exactly the opposite in a man, Or not. How you doin’, by the way?

  4. And here I was thinking I was your first red head 🙂

    Seriously, not what I would have expected you to put up, with these layers and layers of puns and obscure detours,coincidences and parallel universes. But then again, I have never found anything you post to be easy for easy’s sake. Let’s hope we hear more from you and more regularly, soon.

  5. Love it. Perfect

  6. The only thing that got me through the 90’s was hoping that Mulder and Scully hooked up! All my teenage romantasies have been dashed…

    • Hey Annie

      1. Romantasies isn’t a real word but I think it should be one

      2. Mulder and Scully were ultimately failed, terrible, selfish people who utterly deserved to be miserable with one another. They were the enabler that each other had desperately been seeking. Mulder was a dick – self absorbed, self righteous, control freak human train wreck and Scully was a brilliant successful accomplished and strong woman who could have done anything she wanted with her life but had this one hang up about letting men control her whereby she gave all of that up, plus sacrificed the lives of her sister and (effectively) her child to turn herself into this simpering, love-struck dolt who chose to stay with her abuser. I can’t believe she is considered a feminist icon. There’s a scene in one episode where Scully says (words to the effect of ) “all we ever do is go places in cars and do our jobs. I want to get out of the car.” That’s where Angie and I stooped being the people I described above. She had the nerve to get out of the car. I wonder if Scully ever woke up this morning and looked at the wreck of her life, said “Fuck this Shit” and dumped Mulder’s sorry, self pitying ass. I hope so.

  7. Jo on said:

    It’s a little too reliant on in-jokes and things that people like you would only know, not a general audience. Otherwise, it;s just a pleasant little rhyming poem. And I tend to hope for a little more from you, Seb.

  8. Myke Todd on said:

    It just occurred to me, as I was reading back through the commentary, I have never seen the “X Files” program.

    • Basically, Myke, the X Files was a show which divided the audience between those who were rooting for Mulder, who was trying to find the truth and overthrow a corrupt government conspiracy and those rooting for Scully who was trying to find a quality man in the barren 90’s dating market. Neither of them got what they wanted.

  9. chicken little good.

  10. My kids loved X Files but I never sat down and watched any of it. it seems like ti was on about 7 times a day though all through the 90’s.

    They said “see the stars”
    from the shoulders of giants.
    So we weep at the beauty.
    but cringe at the science.

    That’s about the smartest thing anybody ever said.

    It seems like men never move on unless they have someone waiting in the wings.

  11. Your, “see the stars,” stanza!! I love that and the tale-telling rhyme-y feeling of the entirety…great words Seb! 🙂

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