honey baby, i’m a mess




Honey baby, I’m a mumblin’ mess –
I got blood where blood shouldn’t ought to be.
It’s all clotted up inside me like the innards
of a Bob Andy pie.

Honey babe, my brain’s a bowling ball –
Old Man Dawson jams his fingers all up in it
an’ he rolls it at a big ol’ 4-6-7 split
down a lane behind my eyes.

Honey Baby. I’m a deathbed penitent
and the work is set myself is far from done.
Twined around nerves so stripped and raw they’re like to make
a hungry yardbird jump a cat

The great curve of my life is an inverted parabola
I’m making whoopee down in hell with my doney roller
there ain’t no body’s helping hand crankin’ my victorla
I’m drinking down carbolic acid and smokin’ coca-cola…

Honey baby where’s my fry and ham bone?
Big Foot Chester read my fortune yesterday.
He told me “you ain’t got no future, boy, your future’s all used up –
you’re gonna die here in this town”

Honey baby, I’m a certified fool
draped in flesh pale as a playing card.
Don’t you watch the screen door, don’t you count the days I’m gone
Just let me go my ragged road.

Honey baby, your skin is foreign flowers
soon I’ll be travelling through that land
pale as southern starlight through the Pentecostal pines
where there’s no forever in that shore.

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5 thoughts on “honey baby, i’m a mess

  1. Hello…it’s me…I’ve always enjoyed your descriptive poems Seb; the imagery is sharp and vibrant. In the reading the poem is living; alive, and I can almost see and feel what is written. That’s not an easy accomplishment for most but you, Seb, are excellent in use of imagery and I always learn something new in the telling. I’ve missed your poems & will likely go scrolling through those you’ve posted and may post to share my thoughts. 🙂 You have been warned. lol

  2. I just love it when you speak my language. I live in the shadow of Pentacostal pines, you know… Definitely one of the coolest poems ever. I bet you had as much fun writing as folks will have reading.

  3. Honey baby, I saw someone last night
    Dead these five years and lonesome more
    I woke with a vision that can’t have been right
    My grandma sobbing on a bathroom floor

    Honey baby, I don’t know if I’m here
    Or if someone somewhere pulled a plug on my fight
    Her eyes in the morning cool and brimming with fear
    And the path to her future hanging down in plain sight

    Honey baby, we are both full of sin
    But the branches rattle on our window tonight
    The churchyard’s waiting with a welcoming grin
    Won’t you open your hand for a secret delight

    Honey baby, if the world’s full of fools
    We’ll be the first to the flickering light
    While febrile thoughts overcome all their rules
    Two shadows merge as the spirit takes flight

  4. quick note – if you want to bash this out on guitar


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