anomie and madelines in the maryland exurbs




2. “we were so punk rock”

1. “we were never punk rock. I cannot stress this enough. Never.”

3. “oh yeah. Sure. Well, by the standards of….”

2. “not 99 and a half, not 99.9. 100%. We were”

1. “what? In what way? You’re kidding yourselves. We were kidding ourselves then and you’re still doing it now!”

4. “who says that?”

3. “we were bored. We lived in a Podunk, a void – a nowhere.”

1. “a nowhere? “Aujourd’hui, maman est morte. Ou peut-être hier, je ne sais pas”. Anomie in the Cannies, god forbid! I do not bloody think so!”

4. “well, we had to do something”

3. “something?

4. “did we lose something here? We were kids. We played our instruments fast and badly. We were kinda punk rock, kinda sorta. Yeah”

1. “I think not”

2. “what, is that French? Fucking poseur”

1. “your mother bought you clothes from Hochschild’s! You cannot be punk rock in Hanes jeans your mommy brought you from a big ol’ store up on Belverdere Avenue!

4. “ow! Shots fired, officer down!”

3. “but for Perry Hall, I mean we were…”

1. “no”

2. “Mr fucking Rutgers”

1. “not then, not now”

4. “Well, I guess we have to agree to disagree”

3. “it meant something. It was part of the making of us”

1. “it meant nothing and it passed some time – increasingly unpleasantly”

4. “Perry Hall was like, what, a void?”

2. “I refuse to agree to disagree on account of it meaning I’d be agreeing with that ignorant prick”

3. “Perry Hall was a void. A void to avoid.”

2. “I still live there”

1. “and with that, you defeat your own argument.”

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12 thoughts on “anomie and madelines in the maryland exurbs

  1. Cool. Well done.

  2. franczeka on said:

    It’s nice to know there’s one little patch of the world where “Punk’s not Dead” actually means something!

  3. Nice Seb.

  4. I didn’t really like last weeks and I hate this. There’s no passion, nothing for us to connect to. It’s cold, like something in you is dead. It’s sad reading this.

  5. I love poetry. I love stories. But, give me dialogue any day, to read. What you have here is very entertaining, with a perfect mix of back and forth. I felt as if was a fifth person, just listening, taking it all in, quietly. My silence would have ended at the end. I would have been laughing out loud.

    I would say, do this again, but you never do the same thing twice.

  6. Deliberately Delicious on said:

    Loved this!! And especially the line “you can’t be punk in Hanes jeans…”

  7. I don’t understand the “madelines” of the title. Hook a brother up with a clue?

    • It’s a reference to Marcel Proust’s “Remembrance of Things Past”, where the (unreliable) narrator eats a Madeline Cake and is transported, in memory, back to childhood. There’s a Disney movie where a rather crusty critic played by Peter O’Toole has a similar moment and saves the hero’s restaurant. The Madeline here. not witnessed, was me hearing “Blue Monday” by New Order somewhere. someday last summer and memory being triggered.

      • unconqueredheart on said:

        See, there’s the problem, Seb – everything these days is a reference to something else, anything else, but you. It’s clever, you’re a clever guy – but it is too clever to really engage anyone no in one your little web of private jokes.

  8. I live in Perry Hall, Md, and it is accurately portrayed here in that it is not very punk rock.

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