all the prettiest girls come from michigan


All the prettiest girls come from Michigan
It’s the Swedish bones. It’s the winter skin.
It’s thimbleberry and chokecherry
and footsteps, lonesome, through the snow
in their kisses.

All the prettiest girls, they will leave Michigan,
vowing that they never will return.
They drive to where the salt sticks to their skin
and they add their salt to oceans where
tears mean nothing.

All the prettiest girls look back on Michigan
to feel the ache and crack inside their bones
and the pale of apple blossom always withers
in the furnace of the sun, in the heartaches
of life under the bridge.

All the prettiest girls go back to Michigan.
They may stop at roadside attractions on the way
but the route leads only one way, ever homeward
back in time, in space, in the dreaming –
but not the still-beating heart.

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8 thoughts on “all the prettiest girls come from michigan

  1. isiscambassassassassian on said:

    Ohhhh, Seb. You could type in Michigan for Cicero here and it would still be that same. I don’t know how you know how to get in the head so precisely.

  2. Poetry seems a lifetime ago. Where did that lifetime go? This takes me back – it makes me wish I could go so I could look back down a road. But I’ll never go. Where did that lifetime go?

  3. This is my favorite poem from you, Sir.

  4. I had to come back to this. I think, in my way, that’s a heavy compliment. I had to come back.

  5. i really dig this seb. it conveys meaning on a lot of different fronts. love the title too.

  6. …and another one. Bloody fabulous, my favorite so far.

  7. This is delicious, and makes me wish I were from Michigan.

  8. namelessneed on said:

    fine job

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