Gah! I just slept with this loser I met on MySpace and all I got was this lousy poem!


So here is this guy
all busted and holy –
kinda good looking,
in the right kind of light.

Lives by the sea,
talks only in darkness –
talks only of light
without moving his lips

Can describe me naked
but never has seen me –
fought on the wrong side
of each civil war.

All busted and holy.
So shallow. A ghost.

He did not try
to seduce me each evening –
I seduced myself
and mailed myself to him.

Wrapped in brown paper,
he unwrapped me so gently –
every crease he
preserved in its place.

It is almost as if
he meant for me someday
to use that clean wrapping
over again.

Strings and my bindings.
Set aside in half light.

I told him “be a poet”
to turn his words free –
He said “I have seen you naked.
words are useless”.

Then I begged of him
a poem for my body –
he said “Your body
is a poem I can’t write.”

I said your poems
all seem incomplete –
He said “well, that’s
to be expected.

The poem cannot close
upon a lie.”

The rain set in
gloomy and harsh –
like a bible full of teardrops
on the sun-mourning trees.

And Saturday came, and lo!
in the coming –
a poem arrived, for my body
It read:

“You say I am a poet,
then I will do as poets do –
which is stand in front of strangers
to tell them I love you.”


How very original.

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10 thoughts on “Gah! I just slept with this loser I met on MySpace and all I got was this lousy poem!

  1. I have seen the face of this poem in my mind.

  2. Ow, No doubt there’ll be some uncomfortable shuffling of feet with this poem – from those who did and those who thought long and hard about it.

  3. Oh, God did I sleep with some losers I met on Myspace….

  4. You have got to be the coolest damn guy in the world. Awesome piece here Seb! I especially like the line “I have seen you naked, words are useless”. Isn’t this always the case-good and bad??

  5. The symbolism of the orange cat sitting above Stephanie and Tarringo is not lost in this!

  6. Seriously, Seb. Seriously. I think I am man-crushing on you hard right now.

    • Cool. But I’m not going to try to describe you naked. 🙂

      • I’m going to have to thank you for that.

      • Me too! (Trying not to describe Trent naked, that is) Love this one. What’s happening Seb, I’ve been waiting DAYS for another of your masterpieces. I know you’re out there 😛

      • It’s a fucking bounty Jo. All my favorite poets are back and actually writing, and reminding me of my place in the universe ie. I can’t do what you all do. I’m okay with that.

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