mysterious shoes


o!, this sunless room
windows peaked in steely fog
o! sweet crack of light
and hot air breathes in from the hall
and whispers on the rug
she comes, she comes, she floats on hope
the hiss as silks descends
she kneels, i cry
she lives, we die
and all i see as she
drifts to me
is a slit of light
on mysterious shoes.

her diaries are the sheets
and when we love,
she tears a page
and from it i must eat
every dream
she has dared not voice
and o! this moonless sleep
not knowing
if i’ll ever wake
half hoping
that i won’t
back to a room filled
with the wings pulled off flies….

ransacked in
the chill
we are puppet corpses
free of twine
our limbs jerk,
soft as murmurs
the regents of dyskinesia
the currents of the skin
she, proud
in her nakedness
marvels at her shape
its swell, its thrall to
gravity –

i see her, like a coin
her back to me,
the mirror shines
her blank face and her breasts
naked as she walks away
her frock, it slides to her
it clings
with secrets
it won’t speak
yet tells them
what it planned for her
needs no words

the cold air hums
the room,
fills with sleep
like a fawning friend
and dreams are party guests
whose charms dim with
their loitering
the light here costs a dime
i’m out of change
in a world of change
and i don’t have the money they use.
all i have are hotel dreams
of light, on mysterious shoes.

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23 thoughts on “mysterious shoes

  1. In a poem so rich in images, it frustrates me that you seem to stop on the most trite and cheap of them.

  2. That’s a sordid world you paint. And, being from Las Vegas, I have pretty low standards for sordid.

  3. Verse 4 is perfect, perfect, perfect. You need to post more than once monthly.

  4. Love this!!! ~ Tara

  5. Again with the wait – but my, is this worth it! This the real power of a woman in both its glory and it consequence. God, what a portrait.

  6. That’s a very dark valentine indeed.

  7. There’s that tiny little spark of dry, hollow humor there at the end

    the light here costs a dime
    i’m out of change
    in a world of change

    that makes you seem sadder or her seem more powerful and more mysterious in those shoes.

  8. What happens when the shoes lose their mystery?

  9. oooh. Walk a mile in those shoes….

  10. unconqueredheart on said:

    This is decadent, sumptuous, lyrical poetry. Everything in it has life, movement, motive. I like thi s very much.

  11. audreyhipbone on said:

    This just sucks the souls into a dark, place. These are pitiful people, these pupprt corpses, floating on hope

  12. love the images… thick… unusual… creative…my fav part…and when we love,
    she tears a page
    and from it i must eat… dang

  13. Seb, I never tire of the pictures you paint with mere words…………….. Never………..

  14. spunkbubbs on said:

    There’s a dark and crushing weight in this, so heavy, so slow, like a river of sorrows

  15. Capturing, Seb….I just love the way your short lines, they just keep drawing one in…vivid and unique as always and I love that this close with the mention of the dream…I’ve been doing dream-work lately and more and more I am encountering the mention of dreams in my travels.

    Thank you so much for your awesomely uplifting comment @ my blog yesterday, Seb, I so appreciate it. 🙂

  16. As that officially certified cool-kid detested fly once claimed as he dialed for a yellow Taxi:

    “…Oh, yeah!
    It’s no secret that the stars are falling from the sky
    The universe exploded ’cause of one man’s lie
    Look, I gotta go, yeah I’m running outta change
    There’s a lot of things, if I could I’d rearrange’…”

    This is excellently done Mr. Seb! Very lyrical.

  17. isiscambassassassassian on said:

    I don’t see this so much as a sad poem – more as a typically detached commentary on adults dong adult things in a adult way. You do have a penchant for hotel/motel room motifs in your writing, though, don’t you?

  18. I love the grit in your writing, and the truth of it…

  19. This is an emotional weather report

  20. Loved it right from the title.
    (I need new shoes I think…)

  21. Miss Hava on said:

    Symphoniously arranged, elegant in its soft darkness.
    I especially love the O!s in the first two verses

  22. This is great Seb, very deep .loved it.

  23. is something cooking? – usually when I have an urge to track you down, soon following comes a dark indulgence…waving from the distance.

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