student and lesson



I did not know how to fuck
until you taught me.
I knew the science surely.
But you showed me the art.

You showed me how the body
connected to the canvas.
You showed me light and shadow
over mere color and stroke.

You revealed to me that tone
is more pow’rful than the note – and
that a slew of clever words
will never make for true poetry.

I learned that the dance is the flesh
not the music and that, sometimes
it is good to be proud
to be ashamed of oneself.

I did not know who to fuck
until you taught me.

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36 thoughts on “student and lesson

  1. This is a very brave and frank poem to write.

  2. This is really reminiscent of your earlier style – is it an older poem?

  3. Rawness is very present…and it is a gain, of course.

  4. Almost like a love poem – I like this because the sentiment talks of issues familiar to many relationships, but seldom addressed… Ah, I’m feeling almost soppy now! 😉

  5. Deliberately Delicious on said:

    “You showed me light and shadow/over mere color and stroke…” Love those lines, Seb!

  6. It’s very rare am man will come out and admit he doesn’t (or didn’t) know how to fuck, because, frankly, 95% of guys don’t have a fucking clue. See what I did there, I made a pun….

  7. Holy shit. What honesty!

  8. audreyhipbone on said:

    I’m sure this poem will get you plenty of offers for a refresher course.

  9. Baron Von Nachos on said:

    You’re getting into some murky territory here, Seb. These are more than just words as mental decorations.

  10. I like where this poem comes from and where it goes.

  11. You really cut yourself open here.

  12. All the candor and inner fire we have come to expect from you, Seb.

  13. great stuff….!!!

  14. taseye on said:

    This has a raw toughness and an intimate tenderness that somehow sit together in balance.

  15. *phew* I definitely need to take up smoking again……… Seb, I have no idea how you do it, but you do it every time!!!!!!!!!! Love it……magic. ~ Love, Bobbie

  16. isiscambassassassassian on said:

    Does one ever have a truly authoritative knowledge of how to fuck? Really, Seb, if you ever feel you need to expand or brush up on your technique…. I’m just saying… 😉

  17. Miss Nancy on said:

    This is edgy, definitely out there.

  18. apacketofchipsontheceiling on said:


  19. Here, you shamble backwards.

  20. “proud to be ashamed of oneself”. How true. How true dat!

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  22. Lovely poem, and indeed, fucking is a fine art.

  23. This digs its nails in deep.

  24. lenewithstyle on said:

    Oooooh yeah, this is much more my style!

  25. We need detail here – much more detail…

  26. Sigh – now this I’d LOVE to hear read. 🙂

  27. This must be a pretty old poem. You could fuck pretty good when I found you.

  28. Yay! Fucking! I like fucking!!

  29. Well, that moved me in all the right ways!

  30. It’s so raw and refreshing to hear poetry that doesn’t base itself on flowery words! Seb, have you ever read the lyrics of Leonard Cohen? I think you’d love his stuff. You have the same ring of genius to your work.

    • Darlin’, I read the novels of Leonard Cohen before I even knew he was a singer 🙂 but I tend to see myself as a different stripe of writer – the flannery O’Connor William Faulkner Carson mccullers influence kind of thing….. Most all, I like to try and live up to the promise I make in the blogs tag – “straightforward poems for straightforward people” 😉

  31. When you learn HOW, all you need then is to know WHO.

  32. I LOVE this poem! (I’ve rediscovered your blog, after several months of blog neglect, (across the board). So, with my recent technology capabilities (lol)-I’ve got a hardcopy of GODS WIFE, tacked to my wall-a saved photo of ASS in my iPhones photo library–gonna “share” it with my Facebook friends, if you don’t have any objections (?),and am messaging it to an (intimate) friend, as I speak. You officially have regained your title as favorite (writer(?)-author(?)-poet(?)… are the shit!

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