Ladies and gentlemen,
good burghers
of Pikesville, Maryland –
pecking at your ham and kale,
hurried glances at your watches,
I won’t hold you here long,
I swear, right now I’m so full of holes
that I peep like a pennywhistle.

But bear with me,
knowing apostasy is
a sin more vile than murder.
You see, my eyes are all jammed up
with judybugs and I may backslide
and signify, here and there.
So board up the windows and hope
that the levees hold and hear my story

For tonight I am lonesome as a post office,
southbound on the Route 7 pike,
all gone gully boppers
for a blonde-headed girl.

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43 thoughts on “whiskeytangofoxtrotsierraechobravo

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  2. “Lonesome as a post office”……. I like this phrase

  3. heartbreakingly good. You’re looking east, a lot, lately.

  4. JackieP on said:

    a blonde huh? not a red head? 😉

  5. ha – very cool….lonesome as a post office…. and i just love the title…

  6. I like to read your poems more than once to be able to take a peek behind the words… lonesome as a post office – that’s something… or even, board up the windows. and hope the levees hold up. Very nice indeed!

  7. ahhh! So satisfying in every respect.

  8. You can’t resist us blondes, Sebbie. We’ll getcha in the end!

  9. This trips over it’s delightful words in a bumbling rush of a bad stand up comic or nervous after dinner speaker. “peep like a pennywhstle”

  10. every confession needs an audience.

  11. “all gone gully boppers” – now that’s a phrase I’m going to try to slip into conversation in rural Worcestershire, UK…. 😉

  12. This is you at your most quaint and disarming.

  13. maiseylou on said:

    Lonesome as a Post Office – gotta love that!

  14. WTF Seb, indeed. this is sweet

  15. hans kreher on said:

    You usher in room not for naught the thought we may feel more than artificial random intelligence repetitions of religions accepted by default, the surrender of acceptance of real change over time. Thank you, hans

  16. WTF, that’s a big 10-4 good buddy!
    I’m hearing shades of “Big Trouble in Little China” running through here.
    Love the timber of your voice, Seb…


  17. darkeyesblueveil on said:

    This is the voice I like best from you – folsky, old-timey, rooted in the unchanging truths.

  18. NotResponsibleAmy on said:

    Fine and fun!

  19. Roll on, Sebbie, Roll on!

  20. liverloverlass on said:

    Oh this is impenetrably American…

  21. I like that someone in this world can still speak to my heart the way you do, Seb

  22. I enjoy the poetry which comes from your sincere places

  23. This one comes from a warm heart.

  24. Hi Seb, I just nominated my favorite blog (this here) for the Liebster blog award… u already have a few awards I’m sure :). But I just had to put your blog up there. I hope you will accept it, but if you choose to let it go, I won’t mind it. Please visit my post http://paintedpenguins.wordpress.com/2012/12/29/liebster-blog-award-nomination/ to know how much work is involved in accepting. 🙂
    And have a great new year 2013… hope the snow storm didn’t get to your part of US.

  25. I love it, Seb………… I couldn’t help but think near the end ‘nowhere to go and all night long to get there’……………. wondrous stuff. ~ Love, Bobbie

  26. Stumbling over your own words, you gone gully bopper fool.

  27. Dude, Ham and kale is good eating!

  28. Unassuming and winning. You don;t need a thunderstorm of words to make a very profound point

  29. sha na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na BATMAN! on said:

    This one comes from and goes straight to the heart.

  30. 1EarthUnited on said:

    I enjoy your rhythm and flow… apostates trippin’ apoplectic.

  31. This is really great Seb! You have a real gift!

  32. Your poems are consistently humbling. Damn you know how to put words together.

  33. Makes me want to go blonde. Love this….So board up the windows and hope – that the levees hold and hear my story

  34. ‘Lonesome as a post office’ God, what a line, and you got all the blondes with that one line. The whole poem was worth a read to go back and forth across that line…

  35. “All gone gullyboppers”… This line tickles my fancy.

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