a conversation between two crows

Take these rings off my fingers
and make them wings.
I will meet the bluff that bears
your slow sighing west-bound wind.
It will be a meagre union
that hillside, to my sea –
but in this world of strange arrangements
sadder birds have flown as free

I don’t fly like arrows gliding
through the canyon,
my path is guided by the
earth below.
You don’t feed sparrows crumbs
or consolations –
your bird must outlast the end
of the eternal world.

I came dressed in severed strings
and rags of shadow.
You, you hopes all feathered
from conversing with a crow.
Ah! then, I am your black jewelled jackdaw
strung all along your wire…
Let us commit some murder, Blondie.
Let’s get all up in the sun.

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52 thoughts on “a conversation between two crows

  1. I especially love the first and last stanzas and especially the first and last lines. Wonderful! I hope you’re living it! xox

  2. Poetry and Musings on said:

    absolutely beautiful!!

  3. hellznokel on said:

    This is really exciting, Seb. Really uplifting, scary crazy good stuff.

  4. lazarusthechiefengineer on said:

    Stunning. deeply stunning

  5. Deliberately Delicious on said:

    There is such music in your writing, Seb. I’m drawn into this world of “strange arrangements,” and can see so clearly the “black-jewelled jackdaw.” It’s such a treat when I see a new post on Tarnation and Eudemonia.

    • Strange arrangements can be the best arrangements, sometimes, Darlin’. We should all leave room for a little strange here and there!

  6. You have brought me to a new place with this.

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  8. olivesmeltz on said:

    Oh, you big softy you!

  9. bashothegreat on said:

    This poem soars an wheels like a newly freed heart!

  10. lindastoria on said:

    You’re just the best at this when you put yourself into it. Real and unreal, earth bound and heavenly. Feels good to be home with you in this.

  11. isiscambassassassassian on said:

    new or old? either way, it is wonderful!

  12. thatbiatch1982 on said:

    Jesus, Seb. My panties just melted!

  13. Blondie, eh? What does lil’ Red think of *this*?

  14. There’s so much hope and promise in this. I’m really glad to read it.

  15. princesscarleyunderground on said:

    Sometimes, Seb, the strange arrangement is what gives up the most hope. This poem will outlast the eternal world.

  16. Truly, Seb, this is the top of your powers. The very peak. This takes me back.

  17. liverloverlass on said:

    I love that middle verse, people who are bound by a course and by responsibilities, trying to learm to fly a little

  18. ha this has a poe touch…i like the crows as a visual and to convey the conversation..

  19. Not so sure about this one, Seb. It just departs too much from what is credible for you.

  20. darkeyesblueveil on said:

    This is a wonderfully warm image Seb and it suits you to a tee. when will we meet this (presumably) new mystery woman?

  21. electricaunty on said:

    Those closing lines are thrilling and exciting and dizzy, mad, wonderful.

  22. penniezzfromhellzz on said:

    A good run continues – but, come on mang, one a fortnight? That’s slack even by your standards!

  23. Yaz on said:

    This really moved something inside.

  24. shesellzseeShellz on said:

    Caws and Effects, perhaps?

  25. You have a way of elevating the love poem, Seb. Not that this is even 100% a love poem – it is more a hope poem. Hope poems are important.

  26. A family of crows is a murder. Are you thinking of committing to family? Say it ain’t so, Sebbie!

  27. Oh, it’s perfect. good to see you giving the blondes a try – come to the ligh(er) side, Seb!

  28. You are amazing with words! I aspire to someday write as beautifully as you!!!!

  29. The language is lovely but..I’d have difficulty analysing the meaning. Is it about crows? Or is that naive?

    • It’s about odd birds who, for whatever reason, have ended up on telephone poles far from home and one of the birds who is thinking that the nesting arrangements could stand some review 🙂

  30. nataliekosta on said:

    You are a wizard with words.

  31. Love the imagery and emotion. That sense of going somewhere in a different shape, with different burdens that lay upon the shoulder.

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  33. great feel throughout. i’d say like different dressings of life. love that ending.

  34. this piece really speaks to me. anytime when a crow or raven I suppose, at least for me has a spirituality element to it. poe’s the raven has a spiritual connection based on Native American Indian Culture.

  35. you have the most amazing mind.

  36. pranay on said:

    i need conversation between human and crow

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