miss b turns her hand to erotica

Miss B, 46,
so sadly neglected
since her new Spanish gentleman
abandoned her on Thanksgiving,
sits blankly forsaken
in the midst of the harshest
winter in Spokane
in 95 years.

The move to the north-west
did not revive her, as expected –
the field not as fresh
nor the grass near as green
as even Savannah,
that man-barren wasteland.
Now, some carnal distraction,
she fiercely craves.

She takes up her pen
its weight in her fingers.
How quickly it warms
to her uncertain touch.
Montblanc 324,
1935 Brown marble,
black veining piston filler –
and a Moleskine Cahier.

O! my dreams, oh my long nights
Oh my stories of travelers
Wrapped in my arms
as the silky oaks cried.
Ink glides from my pen
like his fingers through my hair
like his lips on my thin
and translucent flesh

And from a Stanley Bali
fruitwood chaise,
Miss B turns her hand
to erotica.
Just teasing
at the edges,
a script to a play
she never will act.

Bait for a hook
she never will thread
for fish in a dark and
far-distant sea.
To be cast from a ship
that is vanishing sunward,
its sails shrinking dim
in the sunset.

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51 thoughts on “miss b turns her hand to erotica

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  2. audreyhipbone on said:

    A girl needs a hobby…

  3. Oh, I absolutely love this…………… Very very well done.

  4. yourejivingme on said:

    She sounds so lonely! Is she a real person, someone you know?

    • Hi πŸ™‚ Oh yes, she’s a regular visitor to these pages – see my reply to Hans down below for some more of here greatest hits

  5. Substitute NYC for upstate Connecticut and you have me!

  6. isiscambassassassassian on said:

    Great character sketch. If I were snowbound in Spokane, I’d do much the same!

  7. Your are of extraordinary sensitivity here.

  8. I really like it! I read it many times over. The words have succeeded in capturing the loneliness of her world, especially the last verse.

    I also like the design of your blog. Clean uncluttered lines. Beautiful!

    • Hey mj! Nice to see y’all. Thank you for noticing the blog form – I’m very pleased with the way WordPress have created a forms that elevate and compliment the work.

  9. You’re the king of the understated detail that says a million words – “Moleskine Caheir” – that took my breath away.

  10. darkeyesblueveil on said:

    This is how writers are born. A very delicate portrait of an intelligent woman at the end of her tether.

  11. sex2poetry4life on said:

    You really have to reconsider your veto on publishing, Seb.

  12. This is a woman you clearly respect.

  13. 6 years down the road, will you write such poems for me.

  14. You really map put that sense of place, right down to the details in her room. I feel I live her lonliness through this.

  15. electricaunty on said:

    This is good – a little dark, but you also give her a ray of light.

  16. Sad, dark, lonely and so beautiful!

    • Hi πŸ™‚ There’s a happy ending. She met a really cool guy last year and is all dopey and in love. Looks like she done threaded that hook!

  17. bashothegreat on said:

    Miss B havior?

  18. lindastoria on said:

    This is arch and delightful. This is the kind of poem that passes the Seb blindfold test – you’d know it was you even if it your name wasn’t on it.

  19. This has some fantastic touches Sebbie. I think I might just be inspired to follow her example.

  20. Amazing detail, Seb. Beyond that, I’m speechless. Bravo!

  21. Hell, if it weren’t for homemade porn I;d have withered on the vine years ago.

  22. You have become positively prolific lately, Sir.

  23. hans kreher on said:

    You might see in her eyes, in a well know painting, the way your words bring her into light.
    How about the equivalent for the gentleman from Georgia, and then will fate let them meet?
    Thank you, hans
    Like ? YES

  24. penniezzfromhellzz on said:

    You write women so well, Seb.

  25. shesellzseeShellz on said:

    So good, so Sebbish.

  26. nice..you paint a vivid picture of her with your words..

  27. Jeni Johnson on said:

    I like your writing style and find you a talented writer however there seems be a lot of disconnect to your subjects, I don’t get it, but I appreciate it. Poems have no rules, I understand, but to throughly capture my attention my visual solace needs to stay with the premise of the subject…..example, the 1st two paragraphs formed well with Thanksgiving and carnal, etc,. The 3 in the middle are perfect and then the last paragraph takes me completely away..Just sharing. πŸ™‚

  28. You tend to feel a bit sorry for Miss B..and yet it could so easily have been Mr B, in his plastic mac. I have to disagree with the previous comment – as poetry, I’m not sure your poems are all completely correct and lined up, but as emotional snippets, they are just as perfect as they could be.

    • I did feel sorry for her, at the time, because she is a wonderful, wonderful person (who had the chance to be Mrs Seb but turned it down, not that I am bitter…) she just seems to have such rotten luck with guys. But it looks like she has bagged herself a winner now and I am very, very happy for her.

      I’m not sure what “lined up” means, but a tip for me is always to read with conversational cadence. I learned to write for newspapers (and, alter, TV news) so I tend to write favoring the meter of the voice in the head, with rising and falling inflections – but also, given where I come from, I tend to favor mid-Atlantic/ Piedmont/southern accents in writing, so there’s heavy first syllable emphasis, a tendency to crush second syllables and a de-empahsizing of closing syllables – so, say “95” instead of being read as nine-tee-five, reads as “narn-t-fa”. basically, read ’em like the little voice in your head reads ’em πŸ™‚

      Thanks for stoppin’ by! πŸ™‚

  29. antsjuices on said:

    This is terrifically good.

  30. Terrific write Seb… Can really feel the charge behind your words – and envision Miss B holding that Montblanc pen…. πŸ™‚ Enjoyed ~Robyn

  31. The description of the pen is my fave part

  32. A very clever poem, with many particular details that engrave a finely wrought picture on the mind! There’s a certain definite sympathy there too which is very nice. k.

  33. I liked what you said about teaching, but have to respond here because I deleted that post– political reasons, I hate to say. If your friend ever starts a blog, please let me know. Likewise, I enjoy your poetry!

  34. Wow, this is incredible!

    Thanks for the follow. πŸ™‚

  35. Beautiful. Thank you.

  36. really enjoyed the baiting without actually putting it on the hook.

  37. liverloverlass on said:

    She’s so *real*

  38. You’re an artist.

  39. Really lovely.

  40. Beautiful.

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