it was the hottest summer in living memory

It was the hottest summer in living memory
after the brief spring receded like a melody.
Dogs exploded on the sidewalk,
howling in flames consumed!
Oleander and jessamine ran riot in the cracks
and the interminable nights were stickily perfumed.

It was the hottest summer in living memory –
the days were searing, the evenings incendiary.
Passers-by sought shelter in the foothills
or huddled in the shadows of the wharf.
The luke-warm sea offers little consolation
and the soles of my chuck ts are melting on the sidewalk.

It was the hottest summer in living memory.
How could our beloved sun stoop to such low treachery?
Kids jumping into Soquel Creek
off the trestles of the railway bridge.
Curvy girls in daisy dukes and cropped off peasant jerkins,
SPF 30 crème lubricating every appendage.

It was the hottest summer in living memory
and that sun that drew me to this place is now my cruellest enemy!
The parking meters droop and wither
and pool in molten, silvery smelt.
Azaleas desiccated, the landscape plastic and
as if rendered by the hand not of god, but of Dali himself.

It was the hottest summer in living memory
the sun would not surrender, in thrall to its own savagery.
And we who worshipped at its feet,
our once beloved Lumina Titan –
fled our homes for every beach
from Santa Cruz all the way to New Brighton.

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32 thoughts on “it was the hottest summer in living memory

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  2. hans kreher (hg) on said:

    Does it really matter all that much?

  3. bashothegreat on said:

    That’s quite charming Seb – wryly funny, well observed ad with a clear feeling of having been lived.

  4. NotResponsibleAmy on said:

    Summer’s here and the time is right for melting in the street!

  5. Ah – this is excellent. Your full powers to good use, once again. I must hurry to bring my blog to this site, I think.

  6. Scorching, Seb. Back to your very very best here. This would have been great in the glory days back you-know-where.

  7. darkeyesblueveil on said:

    The heatwave sure did come this year. Global warming, eh?

  8. lindastoria on said:

    Summer in California – what could be better? Of course, with my skin, I’d be pink goo in no time.

  9. There’s still a hellish undertone to this one – but I like how you still show love to the curvy girls there!

  10. go1flo on said:

    Some like it hot….

  11. isiscambassassassassian on said:

    I could feel the soles of my feet stinging from this sizzling blacktop of a poem

  12. missdirected11 on said:

    Some bizarre images but very winning storytelling at the heart of this

  13. Can just pictures you in your mankini, driving in your Woodie, with the board in the racks, down to the California surf. Damn my landlocked life!

  14. sex2poetry4life on said:

    Some madly vivid images in this Seb – it certainly sounds like a long, hot summer!

  15. We’ve just been through the wettest summer in living memory – so I envy you, Seb!

  16. Love that. Especially your Chuck T’s melting on the sidewalk. Are they Pink, perhaps?

  17. The rhyme scheme in this is subtle and disruptive. Clever as.

  18. Oh so very sticky…. And I love the melting Dali reference….

  19. Hey Seb,
    Thanks for following my blog and your recent likes…I especially like this one of yours today. It’s been heating up in my spot near the City by the Bay. People always talk about the weather when it gets this hot…but not as eloquently as you have here.

  20. olivesmeltz on said:

    This is full of your characteristic flourishes and, yes – at last – sense of humor!

  21. I guess this would count as another one of your reflections on the dark side of the California dream – if it weren’t so damn charming!

  22. thatbiatch1982 on said:

    Oh Seb, you brought back some magical memories of golden summer and some painful memories of bright pink sunburn!

  23. Ha ha! That’s the goooooooood kind of burn 🙂

  24. hellznokel on said:

    Seb, Sebbie, Seb. This brings back memories on not only golden summers, but of the golden summer on MySpace. So good. Such a reminder of the kind of talent you have.

  25. You should have come up tot he mountains – lovely and cool up here….

  26. Dessicated Azaleas and the hand of Dali…..this would be a wonderful song! Very lyrical. Glad to find you here Seb. Please send this summer to Wales….

  27. antsjuices on said:

    Every detail evokes, again, that uniquely Californian apocalypse

  28. oh longer fun when the soles start to melt on the street…great capture of the heat..loved esp. the part with the landscape like a dali painting…very cool… hope it has cooled down a bit by now.. very cool write…hey that would fit perfectly into our summer prompt over at dVerse, so in case you wanna link up with us.. just a suggestion…smiles.. enjoyed having you around those last weeks..

  29. Verbose!!!i enjoyed the ‘daisy dukes’ part most. I’ve only heard that term used in a song before.

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