on the bee prophets of ohio

i have heard stories
wild whisperings, really
of hermetic seekers
in the wastelands of utah
and the dakotas
being swept up in whirlwinds
of bees, gnats, frogs or locusts
and transported to ohio
where they are told to establish a religious mission
and preach the gospel with fervour
to all who would hear.

i hear they wander the
wilderness of strip malls
jazzercize classes,
abandoned tyre depots
ohio 585 leaving doylestown
payday loan offices,
republican potlucks and
porn barns and hotdog emporiums
weilding flaming brands to strike out the eyes
of any unbeliever
whose knee does not bow.

they do not shop on line, they
do not speed date –
they eschew a cell phone.
the wait only for the coming
of the bees
to escort us all in the rapture.
ohio will rust and illinois
will slide under a glacier.
then, they will still be waiting
for the returning of the
bees and frogs.

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24 thoughts on “on the bee prophets of ohio

  1. abdulbencamel on said:

    “where there approached that same beauty in apocalyptic vision? yes, it twas smelt from the said., and the sad corners of a voice made choice”

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  3. isiscambassassassassian on said:

    Oh it’s good to have found you here. and good to see you are still up to various mischief! A dry and witty poem – the new wilderness is downtown.

  4. You work is still capable of conjuring the most unique and evocative images

  5. hans kreher on said:

    In the form of this, v.good, nice to see you again, hans

  6. Cool shit, Sebwell.

  7. Interesting! you have a really unique way of combining images – especially old world ones with new. This casts quite a mysterious spell.

  8. This is you at your most subtle level of touch. Faith. mystery. the mundane road signs of life. Sweet work, Seb.

  9. go1flo on said:

    That’s a really original poem, Seb. When it comes to pure words, you cans till mix it with the best.

  10. hellznokel on said:

    interesting. I guess we have stranger religions…

  11. Hallelujah – I have seen the light!

  12. littlewhitepagan on said:

    bring on the bees and frogs! A nice insight into the lunacy of religion.

  13. Very mysterious, Sebbie. I like the way you mix the metaphysical and the mundane. You’re in good touch here.

  14. olivesmeltz on said:

    Mystical, mundane and fun!

  15. Second poem I’ve read and I’ve got to say you have some dark themes and a heavy mood going on. I would like to say, in the immortal words of Cher, “Snap out of it!” but I won’t (even though I just did). We all delve into that dark place whence we emerge; perhaps changed…hopefully for the better.

    • hans kreher on said:

      “The Hero With a Thousand Faces”, Joseph Campbell…it is part that makes us as we are. Hopefully we emerge. (my opinion) hans kreher.

  16. darkeyesblueveil on said:

    I like this one, and its fanciful air.

  17. So ironic and original!

  18. lindastoria on said:

    Ah! This is you at the bestest of your best. This is the Sebbie I know and love.

  19. NotResonsibleAmy on said:

    Let the bees and frogs return – I for one welcome our new amphibian overlords!

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