seb in an aubergine dress


 She came home from a hard day on the road

expecting to find Seb in an aubergine dress.

How she actually found him is not important
but it was not in an aubergine dress.

Suffice to say, she felt thwarted and expressed
her frustration forthright and direct

and said to Seb “don’t let me see you again
unless you are wearing an aubergine dress”.

Not unreasonable, you might think, in fact
some people praise her calm restraint.

When a women gets used to the aubergine dress
it’s a shock to find it prematurely retired.

So Seb numbly went back to his close-caption life
by the sea, in his funeral suit

She took out her tanning lotion and mapbook
and went to look for a new aubergine dress.

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15 thoughts on “seb in an aubergine dress

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  2. abdulbencamel on said:

    Looking back into a life without the all artisitical drapings is like shaving habits of their charm

  3. hans kreher on said:

    Don’t know about nailing it, had to look up aubergine and imagine the rest. Can say though my first wife did not let go until long after the divorce when I finally managed to say I don’t love you, goodbye. I enjoy all your work Seb, thank you! from hans kreher

  4. largemargeuk on said:

    And it would look very fetching on you, too.

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  6. Always did like that aubergine dress. Your tangerine bikini was pretty sweet, too.

  7. go1flo on said:

    Some women just want a man as their personal dress up doll. Me, I like to undress them more.

  8. hellznokel on said:

    I wouldn’t have thought it was your color, myself, but you have given us a wry and slightly bitter poem. Nice. Sarcasm is not, after all, the lowest form of wit.

  9. A hard poem to love. So much tension and cruelty.

  10. penniezzfromhellzz on said:

    Well, goodness me!

  11. It’s good you can tell the story with some humour.

  12. Very funny. I’d be annoyed too if I came home to find my man not in an aubergine dress.

    • I know, right – and two poems later she is dancing around with my burning head on a stick! Things gotta out of hand really quickly there!

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