queer st.

the knights of columbus
parking lot
on hull st.
is grimy and smells
of gasoline and magnolias
redolent of fast
muttered prayers
and the stale, final
of the lonely.

of single fathers
and gunshot residue.
gum wrappers
a wallet with a picture of four
upside down on the asphalt
the flap of the flag
In the wintry wind
bawling in from locust point.

He falls like a boxer.
Cattywampus southpaw,
glass jaw, could never
take a straight punch,
grainy slow-mo
slap happy,
the artist to a canvas
queer street,
lights out.

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12 thoughts on “queer st.

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  2. Your best film and i was wondering why this poem wasn’t included in the original version of your blog

  3. isiscambassassassassian on said:

    Little mini-movie is a redundancy. I happen to think this is the best thing you ever did on MySpace

  4. thatbiatch1982 on said:

    Always loved this one. Loved it.

  5. lindastoria on said:

    This is what me miss on MySpace – not just good poetry – but the sense of ambition.

  6. penniezzfromhellzz on said:

    This is great work, Seb – there’s some real emotion in the film.

  7. Seb, Fantastic! The video adds such intensity and raw emotion to your already impressive verse. Really enjoyed it. I like experimenting with video poetry too, but unlike mine, yours has a professional quality to it that is very impressive. Maybe you could give me some tips. Did you film the footage yourself? I like the pace of the scene transitions. It adds a sense of urgency to the already stirring piece. Great work!

  8. America’s cities have many horrible bits, I’ve noticed. Ours, some. You write as if steeped in them – sort of Lou Reed, like I said before.

    • The second to last shot in the little film is the block I used to live in in Broening Manor, The house wit the US flag out front – Top right. Sketchy neighborhood but nowhere near as terrifying as Sandtown, Mid e or Elwood Avenue – or even old-time Fell’s Point, which I moved out of because I got too freaked out after the third person was shot and killed on the street outside my block!

  9. Checking this out as recommended – can’t believe I missed it before!
    Love the final stanza especially – the assonance and the clumps of words. Works so well in the film with that lazy, right-close -to-the-ear voice…. Oh yes, very good indeed.

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