richard nixon in bloomington, illinois, 1973


The red rusted track runs to Empire Township,
Farmer City and De Witt.
The trains don’t run so often
as they once did in the past.

Things don’t so much as change here
as just run down.

Jimmy Cox went to the Expos, picked in the first round draft.
He batted .133, played second base.
And I’m driving a truck at Flatt & Millers
on Country highway 29.

Keep thinking things’ll sort themselves out
in their own time.

The President was here today, speaking at the college.
He shuffled gingerly in a greasy rain.
His legs swollen with phlebitis,
a black umbrella overhead.

He told the crowd the long, cruel war was
finally over.

Jenny, she won’t see me no more ’cause I got drunk and hit her
And I can’t say that I blame her, anyways.
Since I came home, I don’t sleep nights, there’s something
eating up inside me.

Like I ain’t never been home
since I came home.

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3 thoughts on “richard nixon in bloomington, illinois, 1973

  1. Stunning. Humane, ambitious and of a uniquely American voice. You have talents you keep under a bushel, Mr. Seb!

  2. This was always one of my favorites back on the old site. Re-reading it in the light of some of the enhancements you have given some of your other work here makes me hopeful for something wonderful to accompany this, as well.

  3. thesubterraneanworld on said:

    I just loved it.
    You write with the pen of your soul.
    Stay Blessed.

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