you do not
want to know this
but your poem
is as the sighing
of your blouse
while it drifts
from your shoulders
to the floor.

and when I
kiss you I do
not hear angels, but
a weary, familiar
voice, intoning
“your journey
is not begun –
begin again”

I do not pretend
that my experience
outdoes yours, but
humor me please
as my fingers find the buttons.
They tend to stagger
and it has been
so long.

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3 thoughts on “blouse

  1. One of the loveliest of the loveliest, Seb. This one could stand on its own in anyone’s blog.

  2. Margaret Guildfoyle on said:

    Yes, always one of your very best. This is one that I will always remember you for.

  3. parliamentaryowl on said:

    This is a wonderful poem!

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