catherine, your position as the most beautiful woman on myspace has recently been threatened


Catherine, your position as the most beautiful woman
on MySpace has recently been threatened.
Jessica rivals you now with
her stern, brassy flesh.
I know you reject me, my technique is imperfect,
my faith is too little to raise you.
But you kept your clothes on too long
to be my perfect muse.

Her hair is not like yours, it falls to her shoulders
so insolent, dark and unbridled
Her eyes remain savage even
after they yield in the kiss.
Her smile is cruel, but that’s how I like it, yet
you insist on kindness in yours.
And her poems resist me while yours
spread their legs like old friends.

Catherine, our love must become something sacred,
for I lack the ambition to deceive you.
Your beauty sustained me through
dark nights and darker yet distance.
Remember we wrestled?, how we grappled and toppled
from the analyst’s couch to your bedroom?
Catherine, you rival makes me
want to wrestle again.

Catherine, I dream of your laughter each night in a
dream that recurs like each summer.
But I dream, too, of Jessica’s breasts and her
cold, violent lips.
You make me humble, and better and kinder
but she makes me bloody and reckless.
and bloody and reckless is just
what I crave for tonight.

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42 thoughts on “catherine, your position as the most beautiful woman on myspace has recently been threatened

  1. One of your sexiest, cleverest, most wicked poems and a long time favorite of mine!

  2. Seb, do you have a book of poetry, one that the masses might read? If you do not, you should and this one belongs in it…

  3. I thought, given the recent sad end of MySpace, some commentary was necessary.

    I spent six years there, I made mad friends there, both in the real world and in the online world. I got a total of 6 death treats. I got lots of naked pictures from admiring ladies (including the titular Jessica, but that was a Xmas card so I think a lot of people got that picture) I met 6 women I slept with there and hundreds that, regrettably, I didn’t. But there’s still time for that, right Cassie? I wrote a lot of stuff there (387 blogs in six years) had an awful lot (or what seems like an awful of) of reads (just shy of 576.000) and learned a lot about writing – not only about writer as a craftsman, but also as a writer in a marketplace. The main thing I learned from the latter is, that for it to be a useful and pleasant experience, is that one has to limit one’s exposure to it and try not to take up too much oxygen. I learned that as much through what I did and through what is writers doing and I was repulsed by – writers who just jammed up the blog space with junk bond poetry that was meant to keep their name in front of readers. Tell me is if I ever become that, won’t you, please?

    It was a wonderful place in its pomp and a sad broken one in its all too long decline and death. I’m very glad I made the choice to come to this community because I think it is a place where people with priorities similar to mine come to offer work and where, most importantly, I can read and learn from the right people.

    Apropos this piece, Catherine is not the Catherine some people may think she is, she’s someone else, but Jessica is Jessica. It shouldn’t be too hard to guess who Catherine is.

    • “But there’s still time for that, right Cassie?”

      Depends. How many guns does that Texas girlfriend of yours own? But around about the time this poem came out I’d have jumped your bones without hesitation. Your girlfriend back then was kind of puny. I could have taken her.

      • liverloverlass on said:

        I made so many friends there, too – but I probably ran into more creeps, on the whole. It was a good time, but I do feel I came in just as the party was winding down,

      • No way, bitch. I’d kick your ass. I may be 30 pounds lighter than you, but that doesn’t mean puny!

      • Don’t know how many guns she’s got but by gum, she’s a crackerjack shot!

  4. I remember this like it was yesterday, but honestly, I can barely remember MySpace. Funny that…

    • Not so funny, no. I can remember MySpace in 2006 but from about 2009 onwards, not so much. I think it started to die for me when it went form feeling like other writers were challenging me to be better to just me challenging me to be better. Oh, and when girls stopped sending me pictures of their boobs.

  5. I always hated this fucking poem.

  6. Oh this is SO Spice! So Spice!

  7. I think MySpace was a wonderful experience, I learned so much and I feel awful all those memories have just gone. That said, the death was a painful and protracted one. I am glad I came across here, too.

    This is a flat out red-blooded and sexy write.

  8. I was missing your poetry. So glad I found this in my WordPress reader today. I wonder why I didn;t get an email though.
    Your Myspace experience (in the comments) gives a context – and that is nice!
    I never experienced Myspace, but I have found a number of people who were on Myspace, and loved the place. 🙂
    Loved this poem, like your others. And agree with you, that good poetry should be like good wine – in small amounts.
    Take care!

    • Maybe you didn’t see it because it is a repost – I just changed the date from the original date of posting and I will change it back when I decide to put up something new.

      Back in it’s pomp, MySpace was like a poet’s cutting contest and just the best place to watch and learn. Things got majorly messed up when the best teachers left and some people (well, one person in particular) decided to reduce it all to a popularity contest that she just had to win. People actually became afraid to write poems or comment on them rather hen risk the wrath of her and her gang of PC thugs and started to exit even faster – a number of them made it here, I am glad to say!

  9. I have always been somewhat amused y the fact that most of your readers are, actually, really beautiful women – have you ever looked at Rose’s pictures? She is exquisite! Must have been hard to pick a most beautiful woman on MySpace!

  10. I think MS was dying before they killed it. We had a golden summer where we burned the last of the fat, but we were kidding ourselves.

    As for the poem – this definitely one of your very best ever. It is so irrepressible sexual and bawdy. It’s hideously disrespectful but also appallingly real and that is part of your charm.

    • One of the most intelligent, beautiful and accomplished women I ever met once told me that respect and selflessness were over-rated. There were times when a little disrespect and selfishness could get you a long, long way. It’s a dangerous card to play – but I seem to have been able to play it wisely enough so far.

  11. Clever…. I missed out on the whole MySpace phenomena… And now wondering if that’s a good or a bad thing… I’ve never yet tried to seduce a poet! And the ones that have tried to “seduce” me with their words have only made me cringe… Still, one never knows what’s round the next corner or indeed beyond the next click!

  12. yoko1ohno1 on said:

    It’s rawness, the no sugar coating I love here. You legitimize lust as a poetic weapon.

    • Good point. Folks tend to reprieve poetry as an altogether too high-minded pursuit. Really, it is as much the voice of the low minded man who builds a staircase the moon as the high minded man who prays to the stars.

  13. beautifulvision1982 on said:

    This would be a wonderful song!

  14. parliamentaryowl on said:

    There are a few things I like about this – I like that you revel in your greasy political incorrectness – you’re not perfect , far from it, but you don’t expect perfection in return, just someone who is at least acquainted with the depths of imperfection you mine. Also, and this may be part of your skill at writing for a marketplace, but you do know that secret way women *like* to be written – it’s the whole 50 shades of grey virgin/ empowered whore battle going on. I like that you don’t perfect women, you show us a creature who come to grips with and adapt to our own sexuality and the expectations of it.

    • I don’t know much about secrets, I prefer the empirical approach and being in the position to ask the right questions. Here’s a right question – if there’s a secret way that women like to be written – is there a secret way that men like to be written?

      • parliamentaryowl on said:

        Well, you would have ot ask that of a man. but I suspect that, if you are going to be making broad generalizations, I don’t think that portraying them as some kind of sensitive new-age knight in shining armor is what they want all up…

  15. audreyhipbone on said:

    You aren’t backwards in coming forward and I like that in a man and a poet.

  16. I love it when you get all transactional… this poem has a lot of good memories of a lot of good times. MySpace was the one golden chance for social networking and we blew it. They blew it. Someone blew it.

    • I think, like Shona says, we blew it. But then, it’s gone now so maybe nothing would have made any difference – but we blew it a 2.0

  17. isiscambassassassassian on said:

    I sometimes wonder how much of your stuff is the real voice of Seb and how much is that cantankerous poetic persona you like to project.

  18. Those were the days. Days when a man had to make decisions….

  19. maxibigcee on said:

    It’s the little things you capture about women that give your poetry such candor and authenticity.

  20. What, or who, constitutes a perfect muse?

    • Historically, someone or something I want but cannot truly have. And something or someone that knows how to escalate and frustrate the level of want to just the right levels. Or so I think.

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