lovers in america

lovers in america are stranded
in battleship buicks, and cannot
find kansas on a roadmap in a
sandstorm, with a flashlight and a
hard on . kissing at nipples, suckling
and biting and circling them with
curious tongetips. disregarding the
harbingers of doom, filling in surveys,
taking quizzes, snuffing chinese
potions, popping open brass studs
and slithering down zippers. Paying back
debts, furious in the quid pro quo,
spreading their coats on dewy football fields,
frottaging in library stacks, slipping tumescent
flesh into willing crevices, spitlubing in emergencies,
shooting white hot spatterpatterns
on the dash, buttfucking like the buddah on
flatbed trucks, pulling up their panties by the
river bank, fingerbanging in burning buildings,
disregarding the sky’s pronouncements, balletic
in their epilepsy, unburdening, collapsing, mute,
manic, ecstatic, famished and dry.

lovers in america have cum that tastes
like pesticide, wonder bread, sugar
and green beans, blonde ambition and redheaded lust.
they have but 15 dollars in the tank, and they
have put their foot down – they are gazing
into vortices, they eroticize their religion, they take
happenstance precautions, jitterbug ambivalently,
allege their souls to god but pledge their bodies to
a wedding bed – discount the future!!,
blaze like napalm!!, mighty in their faith and the fervor
of their shock and awe – they leave no emolument
but amputated limbs – they are saints, wrapped in rags,
roaring, banging, crashing, ferocious yet indifferent,
they kiss the whip, their discovery is relentless.
they have no shame in nakedness, they revel in
their invention, they write koans in their atheist issue,
through voodoo, Christian mystery and hexerei
they fuck for history or miracles, skydiving in the
multiplicity of the desideratum, through the dust
of the mouth and the cinder of the eye
and impact like dazed erotic warheads
in perfect concentric circles of overkill.

and i yearn to be your lover
in america.

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39 thoughts on “lovers in america

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  2. Good reading, yes, but a filthy, sexy red hawt poem. Makes me want to do some shameful things. 🙂

  3. lindastoria on said:

    I remember this and I remember the days when we were raging against the dying of the light on MySpace.

  4. darkeyesblueveil on said:

    Warm memories here, Seb.

    • Our exchange from the original MySpace blog:

      Lois Asper
      You should be preaching gospel with a voice like that, Seb.
      Reply(1)2 years ago

      This is the gospel, Lois.
      2 years ago

      remember that? 🙂

  5. A wild ride. Wild!

  6. liverloverlass on said:

    I bet you have 100 poems this good you haven’t brought across from your old blog. You need to post more often!

    • I don’t always have anything I think is good enough to post, is all. I still don’t think this one is 100% right – the end of the first verse and the opening to verse two aren’t focused enough. I’d post more if I had the material, honestly 🙂

  7. And just how many of these depraved acts, as described, have you participated in, Mr N?

  8. Yaz on said:

    Wow. You really do say it like it is. Amazing.

    • Thanks Darlin’ – when I posted this back on ol’ MySpace, this was one of the comments I got…

      “Is this meant to be a joke? You’d never be “my lover” in America as I bet my cum doesn’t taste like pesticide and this rambling convoluted jumble of words holds little sentax or even contex for that matter! How this got to be number one with so many kudos just proves what I said about “Trash Blogs!”

      for some reason people are like flies! They flock to shit.

      I’m just sayin'”

      the other chief grievance seemed to be that limiting my lovers to those in America I wasn’t supporting diversity. I pointed out I was ill positioned to comment on the lives of Lovers in Canada, the UK, Uganda, Laos or Paraguay never having been one…

      That’s what you get for saying it like it is 🙂

  9. olivesmeltz on said:


  10. Funny, this seems new and very, very fresh to me.

  11. A fine disregard for poetry-as-marketplace

  12. All the more reason to come to sexy, sexy America, I think!

  13. Deliberately Delicious on said:

    I think you should read all of your poems. Love what the oral/aural adds to the experience 🙂

    • Hey Darlin’. That’s a kindly thing to say, but I don’t think reading them all is such a good idea for me and i try to only do it when i really need to. Two reasons – 1. if you do something the same every time, people are going to think that’s all you can do and 2. I tend to think that devices like this are meant to draw attention tot he writer, not the writing and I always want to avoid that. That said, I have toyed with the idea of blog pages just for the films and readings, if only to preserve them all in one place – they aren’t all on this blog because some of them aren’t good enough as poems to make it here.

      These are a few my favorite readings from the dim past….

      Thanks for stoppin’ by!

      • Deliberately Delicious on said:

        Okay, Seb, you’re right. But I like hearing a poet reading his work. And I quite like drawing attention to myself, so don’t understand the artistic impulse to avoid doing so 🙂

  14. Lovers in America are very busy. I think lovers in Australia are somewhat slower…in mind and in bed.

  15. def. a strong voice in this…and i stayed at the beresford on sutter street…not necessarily recommandable though…loved the city..

  16. That was so long ago – it’s like we were children, then.

  17. Very fresh and direct!

  18. JackieP on said:

    I”m really really really late in reading this, but wow. You do have a wicked way with words Seb……good thing it’s cold outside baby! 😉

  19. Wow! You truly ran the gamut with this one. I didn’t know you in the MySpace days, but it sounds like I should have!

  20. Poetry and Musings on said:

    “allege their souls to god but pledge their bodies to
    a wedding bed – discount the future!!,” probably says it all, you think?? 😉

  21. This is brilliant, you dirty bastard! hahahaha. (Sorry, I couldn’t help but feel very intimate to you!) I love it, it’s erotic & funny at the same time. Naughty! They way you read it & the back music is just the perfect marriage!
    Congrats, Seb!

  22. Hot enough to cook my breakfast on, Seb

  23. Tasty poem.. Love that reading.

  24. Love makes me so doggone confused!

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  26. The audio reminds me of Dr John.

    • Now, Darlin’ I’m a southern boy, but I’m Maryland southern – Dr john, he’s louisiana southern – he’s from waaaaaaaay down 🙂

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