the 10,000 species of the orgasm

the wicked are estranged from the womb:

they go astray as soon as they be born, speaking lies. 

 their poison is like the poison of a serpent:

they are like the deaf adder that stoppeth her ear;  

which will not hearken to the voice of charmers,

charming never so wisely.   

Break their teeth, o god,

in their mouth. … o lord….

 the righteous shall rejoice

when he seeth the vengeance:

he shall wash his feet

in the blood of the wicked.   

so that a man shall say, verily there is

a reward for the righteous:

verily he is a god

that judgeth in the earth.


–           Psalm 58

They call me Mr Pitiful

Baby, that’s my name.

They call me Mr Pitiful

That’s how I got my fame

–           Otis Redding

Maryland is for lovers

–           Bumper sticker, I-95, 2002

1 – 2,666

She said “my husband can’t make me

come, yet claims my womb as his. He is so confident

in his ownership, he’s forgotten where it is.

I said “I recall it clearly, its shape

its scent, its myth.   I recall the power of its song,

and the voice it sang it with.”

2,667 – 4,115

(One night I dreamed she lay there

sleeping beside me. The next night I dreamed I

was fucking an amputee

Now, I myself know nothing much

about psychology  but I think my

dreams say more about her than they do about me…..)

4,116 – 5,007

I said “do you recall how we men shake and bawl

the first, and bargain for a second?  Isn’t it a mysterious thing, this thing we weighed and reckoned?

She said “Darling Seb, you puny man, you know that

I would never hurt you. But please don’t ever pretend

that your single talent equates to virtue.

5,008 – 7,124

So she called to see her guru, she lay prostrated

at his feet. He stroked her hair and told her “think

of god, child, the name of god is sweet”

“Oh Guru! “ she laughed, “I have questions which no

moral god can answer. I need someone to shake this ghost in me like some savage necromancer!”

7,125 – 9999

he asked “how many ghosts are there wailing within you? All crowding to cut through your psyche like knives

how many petite deaths ? How many squirming lives?

Oh, guru, there are 10000 ghosts, 10000 species of terrifying orgasm 10000 thrilling mountain tops

10000 eternal, bottomless chasms….


One day the wind was hot

and blowing from the south. Got my mind to thinking

‘bout you gorgeous Georgia mouth

And how I’d like to kiss it hard,

if you would just allow it and how I, of course,

could never stand for reaping what I soweth.

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35 thoughts on “the 10,000 species of the orgasm

  1. “i dreaded that first robin so” – but then spring is more than motive enough

  2. got me a ticket and a secret aint worth telling……… Love this, Seb……….. of course, I do. ~ Bobbie

  3. I love this… straight from a woman’s womb…. absolutely love it!

  4. lenewithstyle on said:

    This is huge, overpowering, even

  5. isiscambassassassassian on said:

    I remember this vividly. This was the golden age of MySpace, it really was. This belongs here.

  6. The past is fine, Seb and this is great – but do you have anything new. I’m craving here 🙂

  7. You’re being fondly remembered back the “the Space” at the moment!

  8. JackieP on said:

    so this is an older work? nicely done

    • It is of 2009 vintage. It really should have been moved over when I brought the blog across – I can’t account for why it wasn’t! I’m trying to piece together the women it is written about…

  9. I have no words … I think you took them all

  10. letsgodownttown on said:

    A most unique and fascinating poem.

  11. marlamountp on said:

    When I have had #10,000 I will let you know!

  12. This took a couple of reads to even try and soak in – but I can sort of put the story together now. I’ll be back!

  13. NotResponsibleAmy on said:

    And I thought Roy Orbison was the Big O!

  14. sex2poetry4life on said:

    You remind us here that poetry is not always mean to be an easy ride and that readers have to contribute their share to the experience. Superb. Superb.

  15. This is tricky and wicked funny.

  16. thatbiatch1982 on said:

    An oldie but a great-ie.

  17. Crackle, snap and….. pop! 😉

  18. nataliekosta on said:

    Always good to read such fresh, ambitious work!

  19. I don’t understand the verses in the prologue…

  20. The old shit is good shit but new shit would be nice, too.

  21. franczeka on said:

    If there are 10,000 to be had then I want to have them!

  22. Some of us have a long way to go before we understand the mysteries that you expose here.

  23. So excited that you are coming to visit!

  24. darkeyesblueveil on said:

    Southern girls will be your downfall, Seb!

  25. I hope #10,000 was worth it.

  26. This is odd and I am not sure I like it.

  27. sha na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na BATMAN! on said:

    This really is a puzzle to be unpicked, isn’t it?

  28. A most petite mort.

  29. It’s hard to be enthusiastic about all these reposts – original work please!

  30. Dark and complex, especially the ending, looking for 10,001. What do the biblical verses signify?

  31. Spot on the “spot”!

  32. Baron Von Nachos on said:

    Weird. Seriously weird.

  33. This takes me back to the day when MySpace was the most exciting place on earth to be – so many artists, so many risk takers, so many possibilities

  34. I’m a little bewildered by this violent, dark, hilarious poem.

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