Frank Sinatra, American Titan, lay dying. Naked and angry as the Hoboken night
that bore him, he sneered at death’s grim face and prepared his final lines;  “Jilly,
gemme a  shot of Jack you  motherfucker!  Find me a 12 year old  whore from
Sunset  to suck my dick.  When’s the jet bringing my mother due to land at Henderson?
God! I’m going to see my Ava, Angel Eyes”

“And now I face the final curtain”

“I was born into a different America, run by robber barons and the Black Hand,
real men burned the queen of spades in golden goblets and swore fidelity and
Omerta, while my mother, with her wire hook, burgundy blood up to her elbows
scraped the bastards of New Jersey from the wombs of her infanta.” Hail Dolly,
full of grace….

“but that scene wasn’t for me”

“I was a lousy fucking singing waiter, ten years later, I’m taking high tea with Roosevelt
I redefined American manhood, moved it from the East Coast to the West, centered it
In the desert, taught men to wear hats and swagger without guilt, I pimped movie stars for
Kennedys and I fucked Lana Turner, Betty Bacall, Marilyn Monroe. Kim Novak. I fucked
all them broads….

“Ring a Ding–Ding – fuckin’ A”

I was the epitome of cocksure violence, from  Willie Morettis’s .45 in Tommy Dorsey’s mouth
to the  flying squad of neckless goons who broke legs at the snap of my finger, I had the
Chicago outfit in my swimming pool. I lived hard, I drank hard, I smoked hard, I nailed little
hippie bitches and society dames.  I sang of love and life, of misery, fear and regret, of streetlights,
swaggering joy and one more for my baby…

“And one more for the road”

“I’m invincible Sinatra
I’m the bobbysoxers wet dream
I’m King of the Saloon Singers
I’m the Chairman of the Board
I’m Ol’ Blue Eyes,
I’m Il Padrone,
I’m the Main Event
I’m the Voice
I’m the 20th Century”

“I’m losin’ it….”


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One thought on “frankie

  1. hellznokel on said:

    Remember this one well. Gripping narrative and point blank iconoclasm. Excellent. You were pretty durn good, back in the day.

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