i think i just broke my own heart

All I am is what I am,
people say I’m the life of the party…. so I stood mute
‘cause I tell a joke or two…. clutching a ransom note
in a cheap suit and
travelling shoes. ….although I might be laughing loud and hearty
But I never wore a mask for you. It’s just, my drug of choice
is silence. … deep inside I’m blue
and I think I just broke my own heart.

I was an ether
always with half a kiss …. a sorrowful ghost
you remind me of what I miss…. hands thrust in pockets
making the choice
not to speak…. Lonely nights that come
I chose to betray myself over you. I can see that now,
very clearly…..memories that flow
I think I just broke my own heart.

Let the dead
your name and mine inside… attend the dead
a heart upon a wall…. this is a thing
you chose to end
for your own reasons. ….and when I see the sign
We made the arrow fly, we watched it travel, and it seems
I let it fall…. that points one way
I think I just broke my own heart.

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20 thoughts on “i think i just broke my own heart

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  2. penniezzfromhellzz on said:

    An oldie and a very much beloved goodie.

  3. lindastoria on said:

    Always loved this one. This was your golden run, really – that last half of ’09

  4. NotResponsibleAmy on said:

    You underrate yourself here.

  5. David Eric Cummins on said:

    I love this. A couple of lines actually kind of echo lines I’ve written myself in the past. Glad you decided to keep it posted.

  6. Wow … that is really powerful. I think everyone has that story somewhere hiding behind the mask. Knowing that you could, would, should have spoken, but instead choose to break your own heart.

  7. Two poems in one…. masterful! Exquisite! I’m totally bowled over by this rhyme and its equal-unequal tango steps… perfect rhythm here…

  8. Deliberately Delicious on said:

    Let’s hear it for recycling! I love the way you layer the lyrics with your writing – a palimpsest of mood and meaning. And the repetition in this piece is so effective.

  9. nah man, this doesn’t suck, it soothes.

  10. The refrain gives it a lyrical feel that weaves the melancholy smoothly from verse to verse. We are often to blame for our own undoing.

  11. Excellent and very talented piece

  12. “i think i just broke my own heart”

    Thought provoking.

    • as a consequence of not having put sufficient thought into the matter in the first place. Truth be told, I really don’t care much for this piece.

  13. bluesy…in a very good way…

  14. Love this so much : )

  15. this is so beautiful… it really got me.

  16. Wow. Powerful, fluid, sinking … beautiful.
    “We made the arrow fly, we watched it travel, and it seems
    I let it fall.”
    You have a sure talent.

  17. I love Smokey-and I am pretty sure the two of you should get together and bring out something fresh for today’s kids to listen to. Motown Style.

  18. My dad used to sing this song for me, playing piano or guitar. Brings back memories.

  19. I love how you weaved the lyrics into the poem Seb. It’s always nice to come back & delve into your poetry. There is always something new in the reading. More poetry please. 😊

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