devil’s elbow

She squats and pisses by the fruit trees,
A mysterious case of vapors
not craving actual fucking, craving the texture of desire
The sky is filled with skeletons of  fish
God has forgotten sex
She photographs chisels, lathes and planers
She’s drunk on Ohio
Her husband licks his fingers, of languid homecooking
she struggles against the humid gloom of duty and indiscretions
her fleshy wrists summon forth the rainmaker
the only religion they profess is pessimism
a devil’s elbow, a mystery princess,  a three cornered ring
a battle royale – to the last man standing
the ghost train, the tunnel of love, the highway 44 between her legs
she lives in a nation not yet conceived
she asks him “do you think women immune to death?”, but her orgasm tells her otherwise
(it’s been too long since she died)
the last time, in New Orleans, she spat some Christly ghost to a mildewed, pea-green ceiling
“O! fuck me John-the-Baptist I am love cum in a mist, ground me with your pulver root! You fucking man-tornado! Fuck me like a norseman! Nail me, bloody blows, into my swollen delta…..”  she felt those levee walls begin to break….

Her poems are not storebought pearls, they are spheres built up from grit
lethal over-medication buys her no pity statuette no baubles stained with “wish you were here”
he mutters “no man tests himself by fire, we weigh ourselves in silence.  We measure ourselves in our sacred lengths we slide between your legs
O! She laughs, take me to a boomer’s shack
I yearn for cunnilingus from a Gullah-speaking man
She is a poet of water and the decomposition of vegetable matter, of rot, rebirth, quest for the sun and the confluence and influence of rivers
She is the wet nurse who suckles the baby dreams of shiftless poets who worship the sun
Her Georgia is her wiregrass region
He cries as he comes “oh lover, I am diseased, let me take my cure in you . O lover, O mother, O God!”
“O lover, lover, my beard is full of your salt and my tongue is too tired to speak “
He wrote a textbook on her cunt and filled it with geography. She read it and that night burned all her poems to his cock.

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