and there is
the man, naked in shame. there is
the woman, pure as the flame. here is
the will – ceaseless and malleable
and here is the flesh, self-devouring and fallible.

here is the corpse as there is the worm.
the clay, the pit, the egg, the sperm.

and there is
fate, a card dealt capricious. here is
your god, cruel and malicious. here is
your light, there is the void.
here is the goodness which we have destroyed.

here is my issue, there is your womb.
your absence, your hand, your throne, your tomb.

there is the
sun, which i flew to, to worship. here is
my heart, see it dance like a dervish. here is
the sea, which cured me of pride.
here is the dread, creeping blackness inside.

the fire, the reckoning, the ash and the smoke.
here is the punch-line, halfway through the joke.

yet – here is
the haven, the shelter from harm. yet, there is
the tremor that grips my left arm. and here is
the blindness, the nerves rendered numb
still, here is you name on my lips as i come.

here is the highway, here is the bend,
the ditch, the wreckage, the dream and its’ end

see! here, the
mountains, blasted to sand. here are
the words i no longer command. here is
the arrow, here is the quiver.
here is that last, final, terrible shiver.

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2 thoughts on “flesh

  1. Hard to imagine, three years on, that you still won’t say its name. This is a dark, propulsive, compelling write for what was truly your golden era of poetry.

  2. NotResonsibleAmy on said:

    This is like a prequel to “4 years on” isn’t it?

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