The hills roll on, like time spent between us.
The stars, one vast all-seeing eye

In nature’s glorious tyranny
those stars, that hang in space, will die.

Hailstones rattle against the pane
Lovers shudder, clinging tight.

Through the darkness, split by sparks
Autumn’s red yields to Winter’s white

And still we are undone.
Still, I long for you.

I imagine you in your haunted room
Grace and wilderness in the shadows

By the river, throwing petals from the bridge
Thunderclouds above the meadow

The wildflowers sway gently in the breeze
the lamb in the field is doomed for the knife

And sorrow’s bride strips off her gown
for she now is sorrow’s wife.

And still the night is dark.
Still, I long for you.

From your home in the gloomy country
Where the waters lay, stinking and muted

Where the sky was a cauldron of sadness
And the last standing tree was uprooted

To the nights we spent telling secrets
Saving the shards of our souls worth saving

To the dawn, our bodies stark and knotted
As if a Gustave Dore engraving

And time is a still dark tomb
Still, I long for you

So I trudge from the river to the bridge
To slaughter, the shepherd leads his lamb from the field

All nothingness connects nothing to nothing
There is no viscera or mystery to be revealed

I feel like I am returning
And it is you who never shifted

The sun breaks through the leaden sky
But my heart, it is not lifted…..

Is the past or the future this shining knife?
Still, I long for you.

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