i’m the guy

I’m the guy who drove the getaway car when jealousy robbed the bank of love.
I’m the guy who called a taxi for the rioting angels.
I’m the guy who chased the Millerites out of your tree,
wore a beard of bees, walked with you to the sea,
pulled you close to me, with my hand in the waistband of your jeans.
I’m the guy  who, when it needs to be done, will just do it
who moves like a young Jimmy Stewart
whose desire for you is the solo to “Giant Steps” before Coltrane ever blew it.
I’m the guy.

I’m the guy who’d  cut the cancer from corners, hidden and dark, in your heart
I’m the guy who lays his hands on you and spreads you apart
Found every cell’s black, purulent seed, the core of its need
Where you fester and bleed but my blade was precise and assured.
I’m the guy who you need for his bedside manner, back in Savannah, I’m the guy
who’s a doer, not a planner  I’m the guy who is undertaken to serve you,
by surgery.  I’d commit perjury.  I’m the guy
who’s your alibi when they try you for the capital crime of killing off your passion.
I’m the guy.

I’m the guy who denied his right to a halo who assessed you possessed of
El Caballo de Malo.  I’m the guy in the Pontiac.
I’m the orange cat. I’m your designated hitter. The transmitter.
I’m the guy who cannot and will not settle for less. I’m the guy
with the wherewithall
to extricate you from that fetching little sundress. I’m the guy who
will, given half the chance, charm the pants off you. Literally.
That’s me.
I’m the guy.

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3 thoughts on “i’m the guy

  1. missdirected11 on said:

    Very danceable!

  2. Spoken word, Seb. Nice. You should post the lyrics, my dear so we can all follow along.

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