come to california

Come to California
You sexy little robot!  you sexy little scribbler!  you sexy little apple!
With your appetite for misadventure and accident by design, the magic of
your thinking, your sleek and sanguine suicide doors for a heart

Come to California
You sexy little hippie!  You sexy little trooper! You sexy little detective!
I want you for what you are, your hungry head, fed by Ginsberg cookie
and half-baked Jewish sorcery, (the good kind), down-home cookin’….

Come to California
You sexy little duchess! You sexy little plenipotentiary!  You sexy little eyewitness!
Abandon Edgar Cayce! Abandon Willhelm Reich! Bring your up-country professorship,
deny your New York pretty, bring your nipple rings and alternate geometry.

Come to California
You sexy little cowgirl! You sexy little Roman!  You sexy little weirdo!
I have molasses on my tongue and surf beach in my loins, I have a
great spirit that wants to raise itself  upon your raven hair & shoulder.

Come to California
You sexy little bobcat! You sexy little ski-bunny! You sexy little Beatle!
Bring you light polluted stars and chimbleys, my Capitol Tower aches and
waves for you – come with your reckless eyeballing, your penny obsession, your trials.

Come to California
You sexy little fisherwoman! You sexy little Mets fan!  You sexy little executioner!
Bypass your imaginary boyfriend, your counterfeit fiancé, your sham and witless husband
your god of polite refusals – burn your rejection letters and ditch your sawbuck lawyer

Come to California
You sexy little yooper!  You sexy little melungeon! You sexy little handjob!
Bring your mojo hand – come dancing! Come smelling of pudding, come tasting of pie
– come write your poems, chant your mantra, dance your chicken-in-the- bread-tray.

Come to California
You sexy little actress!  You sexy little timebomb! You sexy little neocon!
Bring your phoney baloney Doctoral Thesis, you are full of one thing but empty of another.
We’ll  explore the mystery house, its oblivious stairways. Come riding shotgun! Hitchhike, Philly Dog!

Come to California
You sexy little philosopher!  You sexy little hausfrau! You sexy little Calimanco!
Come, kiss me the taste of Crab Cakes, corn dodger, fastnacht und schnitz un knepp, in black &
orange,  in smokestack crimson, Miracles sing “The Tracks of my Tears” in midnight blue convertible

Come to California
You sexy little pistola! You sexy little cracker! You sexy little warbler!
You’re a veritable opera, you’re a creditable threat, come out to the mountains, I long
for your restlessness and ravenous intelligence, Oh! Yes!  We’ll make good old American porno!

Come to California
You sexy little warhawk! You sexy little pilgrim! You sexy little fig-eater!
Unencumbered by pubic deutschmarks, we’ll get fucked up by the peir
We’ll bake a shoofly pie, I’ll be the stuffed ham and you, redeye gravy

Come to California
You sexy little Jaguar! You sexy little guru! You sexy little Naiad!
The Beach Boys are singing “My Darlin’, you’re so fine” – Can you hear them? I heard them,
like soulful ghosts  that gelid night in St Paul…  Come to California…. tonight

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35 thoughts on “come to california

  1. here’s an old favorite! Love you sexy, persuasive voice in this. Yes!, Yes! let’s all come to California and fuck!

  2. liverloverlass on said:

    Love love love this one!!!

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  5. Worth the wait. But you’re exceptionally cruel to make such a posting when we are freezing and buried in snow.

  6. The lure! The temptation! The destruction! The salivating! Oh yes, I hear this…

  7. JackieP on said:

    Ah Seb, what can I say? 😉

  8. Predates my time on MS but makes me wish I was there. This poem is one big party!

  9. Deliberately Delicious on said:

    With my “appetite for misadventure and accident by design,” I’ll be on my way to California any minute now. Love this one, Seb!

  10. Casting a pretty wide net there, Seb. I admire your pluck. And you winning way with a phrase!

  11. It’s like we can try and unpick this one if we want to or just get down on the sunshine vibe for the pure pleasure of reading it….

  12. I remember this and I remember I had my bags mentally packed and waiting by the door!

  13. I have molasses on my tongue and surf beach in my loins, I have a
    great spirit that wants to raise itself upon your raven hair & shoulder… so good…having been to california just recently…on a work stay though…but still i think i DID catch a bit of her spirit….

  14. there you go again… pulling it off with the greatest ease…. love the picture it paints in my head!

  15. A rag of a poem.

  16. California > Maryland.

  17. lindastoria on said:

    Come to California
    You sexy little fisherwoman! You sexy little Mets fan! You sexy little executioner!

    That’s me, right there, isn’t it? The sexy little Mets fan!

    Was this really five years ago? God, Seb, we were different people then. All of us. I cannot imagine ever being that open to taking a chance or naked with strangers again. sometimes I feel embarrassed about that whole experience,e that whole immersion but most of the time I feel very glad for it. I think I am saner now, in spite of it! But God!! What a place it was and what days they were!

  18. Wow I love this! It has so much energy and I love the whole California / Beach Boys image you portray. Very original 🙂

  19. I’m such a noob. Did you know I didn’t sign up until 2010? Just as everyone was leaving. I really feel like I missed out on so much – but then, i get to read this as a brand new poem and I find it so exciting! So, how many of these women did you end up making good old American porno with?

  20. I’m already here you dumb, sexy motherfucker!

  21. sex2poetry4life on said:

    This was the second poem of yours I ever read – the first, I will never forget, was “There’ll be no revolution tonight: – which I see you have omitted from this blog. That was actually, if memory serves, rather more substantial than this one. You really need someone to objectively assess what is your best work. You need, in other words, an editor!

  22. parliamentaryowl on said:

    Oh, yummy. This is hot because it hardly even tries to go the seduction way, but it gets there through wit and insight into the situations that women find themselves want to escape from. If you substitute “California” for “Freedom”, the poem makes way more sense.

  23. Jo on said:

    Ludicrously OTT and wonderful!

  24. You were hotter than a pistol back then, boy. I was hungering to jump your bones from about the moment I read this!

  25. You have captured so much here and have hooked me with this poem. I can’t wait to read it again. So much rhythm and exploration. I really enjoy the repetition of “You sexy…!” In each stanza. Thank you for posting such a great poem.

  26. franczeka on said:

    This poem is a weapon of mass seduction

  27. Such a non-specific invitation to a specific need – the language of one (none). I love this one, Seb……….and any woman worth having is at least 50 of these things…… 🙂

  28. Poems like this remind me of the great spirit of MySpace. Did I leave a comment there? What did I say?

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