love poems, 20. assorted sizes.

1. When I am called to prophecy, it is your name I will sing/ I will curl my body around yours, as cold and tight and true as any wedding ring.
2. Love? I was stars torn down and the crashing swound, I was the breeze in your heart and I longed for tender slaughter.
3. We were dancing, to “Love Train” by the O’Jays and your small breasts, like fluttering birds, were pressing against the sheer silk of your blood red dress/ It was not their shape it was not their promise, it was not their proximity, it was the freedom of the heart which drove them/which set fire to the want in me. I loved you there and then for that freedom/ I loved you beyond the tiny lights and the bass and the sweat and the whispers and the sway/ for the freedom in your yes, as you came to me and in your no as you drove away
4. The moon has called and the tide has marked my card/ My ever broken heart belongs to you – each dust grain smudged upon your finger, each sharp and fragile shard/ I will come any distance you call – each ecstatic mile, every gruelling, intolerable yard
5. A sunless smile, a sudden sight – you came to me, you banished night you lay nuclear clouds around my cock and stars around my head, fed me chicken soup to cure my cold and drove the addicts from my bed
6. I will navigate any length of night, from brilliant, burning corners to it’s cold, dark starless heart.
7. Her husband was an astronaut, lost to and lost in space. We would meet on Thursdays and lay in bed reading books all day, aloud to one another. She read me “everything that rises must converge” and I read her “beautiful losers” We would fuck three times before lunch then haze the day with red wine , Italian sausage and cocaine. It ended when she cut my name into her wrist and I did not have the courage to drive to the hospital in a rainstorm.
8. I have been lured and snared. I hungered for the voice I heard, yours was there.
9. We drank beer by the sparkling waters of the bay/ on a afternoon in perfect Marin County Spring/ I played Carole king songs for you, on my guitar/ you were barefoot, wearing Daisy Dukes, you’d laugh, you’d blush, you’d sing.
10. You say you cannot love me/until all my old lovers are dead/I say give me the weapon to kill them/ it’ s there, between your legs.
11. A passive neck, a peaceful blade, I was salt stripped from the water/pure to your blood, you pure to mine.
12. If I loved you for your body/ that would be alright. But, knowing no man ever loved a woman for her mind and lived/ I may not make it through tonight.
13. If you want me gone, I will burn to smoke and let the breeze leave no thing
14. As ash is to alum as love to desire – it is pure to the tongue but is it pure to the fire?
15. I remember your fedora hat, you overlarge teeth, your nasal laugh, your hunger for a Tim Horton’s double-double in the middle of the freezing Cleveland night, the stroke of your hand, the tiny gasp of air escaping you, your interior, your tiny ears and the way you would scream at spiders. You were magnificent.
16. “Kiss me now, you kissing fool” said the Mango to the Cherry/Not until I see your naked seed – this alone is necessary.
17. I rested my fingers on her wrist, and in whisper I did say “Lunch in Cincinnati, Breakfast in San Jose?”
18. I saw her at the Chevron station between Statesboro and Savannah/gassing up a green BMW 330i/in a royal blue polka dot dress and pearls, all bare arms in the fierce Georgia sun and a neck that stretched to the clouds
19. Who comes here through the ashes, who comes through the downpour. Who walks this dark, cold hallway, love’s light lit, in spite of the monster that cowers behind my door?
20. And the moon leaves no trace, age marks no passage/on your flawless, child-like face/you for me will be always the moment/that I knew that I loved you.


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19 thoughts on “love poems, 20. assorted sizes.

  1. This reminds me of the first days when I started to read your blog. It was so exciting! I love that you love this one because I love it, too

  2. highshelfbooze on said:

    This is your imagination at fullest stretch and I love it. usually, you are so tightly wound when you write, it’s good to see the wheels can fly free now and then

  3. This seems apposite given the sad news coming out of MySpace this morning…

  4. Always a favorite – reminds me bright, exiting days on the ‘Space,

  5. There is no poem that should be wasted for even if you no longer see value, someone will……….even if it’s someone who doesn’t know you have it…….. 🙂 I love them all, but especially #20………. 🙂 Love you, Me

  6. Loved the days when we were all in it together.

  7. Reposts are a bad idea, dude. There’s only one road and it goes ahead.

  8. Jo on said:

    This isn’t a repost for me and Lordy did it get my blood pumping!

  9. This has always been a fucking majestic poem.

  10. This is from when you lead the way!

  11. lindastoria on said:

    A lover requires a higher faith.

  12. Reports are a bit redundant, Seb – we have the random post function to dip into the past at will, anyway. But this is very, very good – I must admit.

  13. It’s is pitiful that you have come to this in your grand new adventure.

  14. As always, you are uniquely frustrating.

  15. sex2poetry4life on said:

    Always wonderful to read this piece, Seb. A treasure.

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