She said “you don’t know me.
You don’t know you want me.
But give me just 10 minutes and
I will make your feelings clear to you,”

“Look into my eyes.”
15 seconds
See how clear and green they are?
Press your cheek to my auburn hair
32 seconds
Feel how soft it is and breathe it’s scent of wild apples.
Run your finger along my jaw
55 seconds
feel the firmness of the bone and the softness of my skin
run your palm down my long, fine neck
one minute seventeen seconds
let it rest at the point of my shoulder.

Watch me unbutton my blouse
two minutes forty three seconds
This bra is a Simone Perele, I wore it just for you, do you like it?
Place your hand here, between my breasts
Three minutes thirty five seconds
Observe their symmetry, they are smallish, I know, but flawless
Lean closer to me
Four minutes nine seconds
That fragrance is Lutèce, I know it’s your favourite
Move you hand down and to the left
Five minutes forty four seconds
Feel my heart? It’s a scarred heart, but a heart that knows it’s voice

Ssssssh! I whisper into your ear
Six minutes twenty one seconds
“my body naked is Eden, my mind naked is heaven”
Does my voice arouse your senses?
Six minutes fifty five seconds
I will forbid you nothing, I will stay loyal to your hunger
I will seed and help you nurture your feelings for me
Seven minutes eighteen seconds
I will teach you to lust completely if you teach me to fuck with my whole self
Did I just feel you get a little hard then?
Seven minutes fifty five seconds
Do you like it when I say “fuck?”

Close your eyes and give me your hands
Eight minutes twenty one seconds
Trust me, trust me, trust me, trust me
My mind is sharp, I am curious and my intellect is hungry to test it’s boundaries
Eight minutes fifty three seconds
I’m not intimidated by your intelligence and you will find mine most challenging
I can be very demanding but very, very rewarding –
Nine minutes nine seconds
I am tired of thinking and never feeling, of planning and never doing
Are you ready? Relax your hands, let me guide them
Nine minutes twenty eight seconds
It has been so long since a man has touched me here.

You have heard my dreams, I have talked of them so long
Nine minutes forty five seconds
I long for you to tell me yours
Your hands, strong against me, your fingers trace its shape, I like the way you don’t rush
Nine minutes fifty four seconds
My rise, my valleys, the places where Venus dances on me.
You can’t understand me without understanding this…
Nine minutes fifty nine seconds
ooooh…. yes, yes!


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One thought on “ten

  1. Oh, I’m loving this one…

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