he shot himself in the head in the parking lot of a hardee’s in cynthiana, kentucky

He shot himself in the head
in the parking lot of Hardee’s
in Cynthiana, Kentucky.
And nobody knows why.

At 5.35 on the morning
of February 12th, in full view
of what traffic travelled Main St, and
the Hardee’s breakfast crew.

A light mist still hung close to
the ground, he calmly shrugged out his
iPod ear buds, pocketed them.
And, then, he did it.

It did not sound like fireworks
nor like a car backfiring.
That terrible report sounded
just like what it was.

Chief Muntz , he was among
the first to arrive on the scene.
A patrolman cataloged the
possessions of the victim.

he noted:
a Smith and Wesson model 64,
still clutched in his right hand
a note safety-pinned to
his jacket lapel, which
apologized but threw no light
as to his reasons
for the dreadful deed
b) $330 in cash, the envelope marked
“to Christina”)
c) a crumpled 3M post-it note,
the pencilled  words smudged and illegible
d) an iPod shuffle on which
was playing “Jesus is Just Alright with Me”
by the Doobie Brothers
e) an imitation alligator wallet which contained
an Ohio driver’s licence belonging to
Warren Sonndberg, 45
of Ludlow Falls, Ohio.

County coroner came to
take the lifeless corpse away
Chief Muntz puffed out steaming breath
and sadly shook his head

“Those kids gonna be okay in there?”
he asked, re: the Hardee’s crew
Deputy Johnson said he’d
make sure, heading inside.

The aftermath of su’cide
leaves so much to be answered
Did he leave a family?
Who was the mysterious
Christina, to whom he
left all his worldy treasure?
What thoughts did he dwell upon
as he drove on through the night.
What circumstance consumed him
that took his faith, and strength?

who ?
was Warren Sonndberg, who
drove 100 miles to die….

when he shot himself in the head
in the parking lot
of a Hardee’s in Cythinana

This poem orignally appeared on my MySpace Blog Full Mental Jacket on 2/2/2008

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