what’s black & white & red all over?

lovers all queued/ to witness her nude
I didn’t mean to intrude
it just happened that way.
was lonely and vain/the color of rain
like a midnight train
or a warm summer’s day….

on nights when her husband was lost in the jungle
nights when her friends were nowhere to be found
knocked on my door/ I was asleep on the floor
but I was certain and sure
and I gave her my card
were swift and exact/ braced for impact
battered but still intact
oh! those nights were so hard…

and he came creeping, his key pushed into her lock
and he curled up and slept, like a dog, on her couch
pleaded her case/ with a sorrowful face
while I slept in his place
in her conjugal bed
cowered to hide/ as she swallowed my pride
my counterfeit bride
with her cool southern head.

but she could not be cool or stay cool forever
and she wanted the thing I was least born to give
was brave in a sense/ her pain was immense
in the end the suspense
overwhelmed her reserve
useless as rock/ with my scattergun cock
‘tho it came as a shock
could not summon the nerve.

so we parted that night on a highway, damaged and burned
and I to my failed life and she to her marriage returned.
wonder if she/ ever could see
the futility
of ever crossing that line
maybe I don’t/ or one day I won’t
and think I dreamt it one night
in the wrong place and wrong time.

This poem orginally appeared on my MySpace blog, Full Mental Jacket,  on 11/17/2007

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One thought on “what’s black & white & red all over?

  1. cait-y on said:

    oh. (i’d hug you)

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