when the spirit moves me


When the spirit moves me
through a pair of hazel eyes
or curves and lips and shining hair
rolling hips and American thighs
in a voice that rolls so salty,
striped in earthy red,
it is the voice of thresholds and distaff doorways
and the warmth and weight of a woman in my bed

It tells me “find a country road
a two room shotgun shack,
a catfish creek, your walking shoes,
water on you skin and the sun on your back.
There’s a russet tressed river woman
swaying skirt, brushing up her legs
cooing from a coppery kitchen
grinding coffee and fixing eggs ”

When the spirit moves me
through her sure and tender touch,
as blood finds blood and steel finds spark
not the rope of sand, nor the straw I clutch,
then that spirit’s voice is lightning
and I shudder and I shake –
scattered, twisted, fused to you
in the fireball’s receding wake
When the spirit moves me.

This poem originally appeared on my MySpace blog, Full Mental Jacket, on 9/7/2007

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6 thoughts on “when the spirit moves me

  1. Thank you for directing me here – this is fun, funky, sexy, quite thrilling. Once again, that pure red dirt Americana.

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  3. Enjoyed this very much – the lusty, life affirming poem and the raw Americana of the music.

    • Thanks Mason. It’s always been a favorite of mine – a very archetypal woman in it, of course. The music originally had drums, bass and two more guitar tracks on it before I decided the best way was to pare it down.

  4. That is simply outstanding. You really have had a creative rebirth here!! The slide guitar is really a great touch and very authentic.

  5. largemargeuk on said:

    Loving your country funk. A nice to touch to brighten up a raw and sexy poem.

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