the baltimore husband

“It’s an arrangement”,
Edie thinks,
as she took her bag
and glanced one last
and frustrated look
around the room.
“There’s just this
part of me which
doesn’t belong
in this world anymore.”

“It’s an arrangement”,
Edie muses
as the drizzle dances
grey and gold
in the headlights of
her taxi.
“These wheels turn
and so also turn
the wheels of
our marriage.”

“It’s an arrangement”,
offers Edie
as West Virginia passed,
shrouded like the
mystery of
a tomb.
The third weekend
of every month.
Safe and regular,
agreed but never worded.

“It’s an arrangement”,
Edie tells him
as he cradles her
in his arms.
His room smells of
old books, wood and bois du Portugal.
She can smell him,
on her, all about her
and his calm is her calm
in the house of her Baltimore husband

“It’s an arrangement”,
murmurs Edie
as she kisses him at the door.
There’s small talk
over coffee in the
bright familiar kitchen
as they dance around
the topic
of their arrangement
and her Baltimore husband.


This poem originally appeared on my MySpace blog, Full Mental Jacket, on 6/28/2007

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One thought on “the baltimore husband

  1. go1flo on said:

    One of my favorites, ever.

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