16 occasions on which saying “i love you” was not the right thing to do

1. that day at the marina when your hair shone chestnut and gold
2. the night outside the jazz club as I pressed you to the wall
and you ground you hips into me with carnal aforethought…
3. the night you broke your ankle 4. the night you set fire to your kitchen
5. that night the rains came down and you lost your keys
and crawled into my bed.
6. or in that motel parking lot after our lunchbreak rendezvous
remember the time 7. we dropped acid on the boardwalk and that was all I could say “I love you I fucking love you I love you I love you”. wrong, wrong, wrong.
8. after the Crosby, Stills and Nash gig in god knows where upstate New York
9. that time in Australia, on the train. I think it kind of slipped out as I came, or 10. the
day I got that big tax check and we decided to drink downtown Cleveland dry. who’d a
thought you’d remember –
I sure did not.  11.  that time I said it because I thought you felt the same way about me
and if I said it I was certain to score that night.
12. the day you mom died and I didn’t know what else to say.
13. the day my mom died and I mistook your kindness for something else.
tragically, any time you 14. manipulated me into saving your cheating ass and I
thought saying it justified my inability to stand up to you and quit you.
15. just before you told me your were married
16. last night, as you slipped out, thinking I was still sleeping. I don’t think you heard,
which is good. on nights like last night, such things could be interpreted
as signs of weakness.

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