your beauty

And I bury myself
inside you and I
wash road miles
from my soul.
For the tenderness
of you parting
and the savag’ry
of your toll,
for the bitterness
of your beauty
and the agony
of your sighs.
For the strangled cries of bloodied beasts
between your slaughterhouse thighs…

….your beauty

Those butchered
beasts are singing
‘midst the midnight
and the gore
as we fumble for the
slippery knife
and disregard
the law.
The law of
for the calling
of the tides
for the rising gorge, the cry of blood,
for the swelt’ring urge inside…

… your beauty

Put out my eye
for an eye
tear a tooth out
for a tooth
eye to eye,
we grind and burn
our flesh
unto our truth.
For the passing
trav’ler, for the whore
disguised as wife
for the deep, dark mirror, the magnetism
for the mystery of life….

…your beauty

For the road that will divide us
and the want that draws us on
for the hooded man who watches
us, his God and for his gun.
For your name I cry as sympathy
as the waves pound on the sand,
for those two pathetic puppets
naked woman, naked man.
For your breast and for your belly
for those passages into you,
for the fire still burning in me
for the sweat that shines like dew
upon you body,
you sacred body…

… for your beauty.

This poem originally appeared on my MySpace blog, Full Mental Jacket, on 1/12/2007

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