the pilgrim

You are the flame
that colors my night –
the voice of disaster
the call to flight
who stirs my embers,
who rouses my blood.
The thought of you
harshens my breath…

You are the rising flood
the fire, the steam,
the nakedness, the moonlight
in my dreams.
I am a pilgrim
for flesh,
upon flesh.

Your body is hard,
your kiss is a well.
There’s a ring and a hood
over heaven and hell.
My blind eyes can seek you
for my numb hands to touch
what your distant voice
only suggests…

You are the sin and the suggestion
the journey, the hotel.
I trust your naked body.
I revel in your spell.
I am the pilgrim
for the flesh,
to the flesh.

This poem originally appeared on my MySpace blog, Full Mental Jacket, on 12/9/2006

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One thought on “the pilgrim

  1. audreyhipbone on said:

    That is so wildly romantic. How you must have wanted her!

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