the ballad of five michelles

Michelle #1
was a blond on a mission,
possessed of superior
peripheral vision,
she roamed through East Texas
as cool as the breeze.
The thought of her still
makes me weak in the knees.


Michelle #2
was a cold, grasping schemer
from the greased heart of Pittsburgh
with no time for dreamers.
She had naked ambition
and I witnessed it raw –
though we fought tooth and nail
we made love tooth and claw.


Michelle #3
was made out of candy.
How I licked her and sucked
her, she did not understand. She
demanded I nibble
bite, grind and crunch
I came here for breakfast,
guess I’m staying for lunch…


Michelle #4
in the library stacks
kissed me so hard
she shoved me back
‘midst the great works of poets
‘midst those moldering tomes.
You know how sometimes a kiss
means you’ll never go home?


Michelle #5
on a day by the lake
almost teased from me
a fatal mistake.
With her terminal marriage
of trial by jury –
a kiss, and a touch
and a fire and it’s fury.

This poem originally appeared on MySpace blog, Full Mental Jacket, on 11/12/2006

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6 thoughts on “the ballad of five michelles

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  2. Excellent reading the poem is enjoyable and the ending pleasingly open and warrants further exploration

  3. Enjoyed!
    My own Michelle-addled brain added a bell(e) during the sound effects at the end of your reading.

  4. go1flo on said:

    Right in every way – including the wonderful soundtrack to the reading.

  5. darkeyesblueveil on said:

    Love the reading – which one of the 5 was your favorite?

  6. NotResonsibleAmy on said:

    Good read, dude. 5 Michelles – but how many Amy’s?

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