the crocodile

we read from pleasant bibles, which are bound in blood and skin”  – Leonard Cohen

She said “I look at you in daylight and I realise
You are not the handsome lover that I wished for”
She said “your twisted lip, your corkscrew cock, your
rough and knotted hands no longer thrill me as they used to do”
She said “I turn my back to you in bed, you bite my neck and
mount me like a crocodile
you twist me ’til I cry your name, your cruelty is all you
have that keeps me wanting you.”

I said “Solitary lover, blue and midnight are your colours
you’re my whore, my Jewish Madonna and my woman whom I met down at the well.”
“You are the queen of parking lot hand jobs and I worship
all the snakes that fill your mouth and all the spiders in your womb.”
I said “there’s a shallow grave between your legs where I writhe and squirm
amidst the pent up blood and slime”
I said “I threw that painter from your bed by fire and violent rage
yet you show no gratitude”

She said “you taste of salt and silver, that is true
and your voice is deep and pleasing when it coos to me in pain”
She said “I spent the night black and blue in your iodine
sheets in your room full of seagulls a’shrieking
while you hammered away between my legs, never once
asking if we could get married”
She said “no lover has ever had the decency to see me naked
without weeping or without speaking”

I said “I hover above our lovemaking, I absent
myself from my body to watch your face as we thrash and cut
and suck the stuff of life from sacred fountains that with passion
are distended and which with blood are engorged.”
I said “when I come, my whole spirit flows to you”
I said “it is then that we are married –
at that moment where nothing is forever and forever
is nothing, then the ties that bind are forged.”

This poem originally appeared on my MySpace blog, Full Mental Jacket on 9/15/2006

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