jerusalem road

Aberdeen girls
have eyes like the moon
and they hardly ever talk
to guys like me.
But there’s a pale, watery sun
turning wintry clouds to gold
and a blacktop shining
like mother-of-pearl
out to Kingsville,
down Jerusalem Road.

Aberdeen girls
will tell you their secrets
but you have to tell them
one of yours first.
And they kiss you so sweetly
and salty and shy
in the dead of the night
by those high wooded lanes
out by Kingsville
down Jerusalem Road.

And Tracey was the vision
I had those long, long nights
laying abed, mouthing the words
that would bring her to mix blood with me,
and I walked through that valley
of trash can fires
and shirtless boys that danced like panthers
whom she wanted so much better than me
and I whispered those words
to her…

Aberdeen girls
smell like sandalwood and pearls
when they make love
in their daddy’s Riviera.
Tracey, lay your head in my lap
and gaze up at the stars
we’ll stare down their wrath
and we’ll tell them our lies
when we drive back
from Jerusalem Road.

The first time I tasted your kiss, I knew.
The first time you guided my hand to you.
The first time I felt you take me within you.
The first time I cried out your name
and shook the blackbirds from their shadowy boughs
that first time…
down Jerusalem Road.


This poem originally apeared on my MySpace blog, Full Mental Jacket, on 9/11/2006

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2 thoughts on “jerusalem road

  1. largemargeuk on said:

    This one is something of a lost classic – so fierce and passionate! I have really enjoyed reaching back through you catalogue this afternoon!

  2. Marge sent me here and I agree – this is an epic poem, awesome, so full of memories anyone (except me, obviously) can relate to

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