the erotic poems

1. Lux Aeterna

A sign came to me
on the coppery wind
via Atlanta & Jackson
Dallas & Tulsa,
and points in between.
Rattling the bones,
one time, two time, three!
Every hallelujah bursting forth
anticipating you.

A vision of your visit –
awake, with waking eyes,
on your haunches, naked
on my bed by yellow lamplight.
Breasts bared,
awaiting a kiss
you’ll guide my lips
to give.

2. Camera Obscura

everything rises
everything drifts down
in night’s trembling shadow
in this dark and faithless room.
this is where we come
to cheat on our husbands
this is where we come
to make hide from our wives
this is where we come
to make bastards of our children
this is where we come
to purify ourselves
this is where we come to fuck
this is where we come to loose the heart-borne beast
this is the place we come
where we all leave as strangers
this is the place we come
to learn our secret names

… to speak in tongues
… to trespass our flesh
… to injure each other
… to heal our worried hearts

blood will find blood
and skin find it’s tattoo.
high iron rises
to the moon to make it holy
and let silver pass between travellers
who heave, and cry
and eat each other’s flesh.

in this room
four-formed Ophelia
awaits her pale rider
in the midnight of the dawn
she’s wild in her religion
he wears her longed-for mask
she feels him there, behind her
knows this kiss but not this tongue.
this is where
she holds her most high confession
this is where
she is bonded to her love
as he slaps her ass
and bites her ear

And she smiles inside herself,

because this is place
where two can come
but only one may leave.

3. Manteca!

From this day on
when you hear Dizzy play “Manteca”
you’ll always remember the time
I took you on your kitchen floor
among the falling pots and pans
and we thrashed, stripping each other
and cleared the breakfast table
in our flailing, sweeping reel.

Coffee cups a’crashin’
and a harsh and breathless coming
with the sugar spilled
across the floor
grinding into my bare shoulders
and back.




These poems first appeared on my MySpace blog, Full Mental Jacket, on 4/21/2006

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8 thoughts on “the erotic poems

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  2. bashothegreat on said:

    That was……. interesting 🙂

  3. lindastoria on said:

    This one goes all the way, Seb. Just enough to be titillating, just enough to be “what the fuck??”

  4. isiscambassassassassian on said:

    Brutal poems and a rugged film that, like all you montages, demands concentration and the ability to appreciate subtle juxtaposition.

  5. I love porn! It’s one of the final frontiers for mainstream blogging.

  6. thatbiatch1982 on said:

    You were raw back then, weren’t you. Love the film, though

  7. Wow, what a delivery! It reminds me of Bob Dylan or maybe somebody smoother and wickeder!

  8. Camera Obscura saddened me.

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