heavy love

From the arch of your jaw
down the sweep of your neck
across your firm and pointed shoulder
to the swell of your breast.
Across your smooth, white stomach
to your earth-mothers hips.
To the high point of your womanhood
and all down your legs
I got some heavy, heavy love for you.

From the city on the bay
to the Island in the Pines.
From the cracked and broken deserts
to the halls of Spanish Moss.
From Babylon to Eden –
from the belly to the beast,
across the fire-roads and the freeways
to where the river meets the sea
I got some heavy, heavy love for you.

Are you ready for a rough-hewn man?
A wild unshaven poet
with the smoke of burning bridges
lingering in his hair?
A man so aching for you
in the fury of his tenderness
and a hunger that questions over actions
cannot satisfy?

Then I got heavy love for you.

What burns in your eye
and buckles your voice
and swells in your guts
and you touch in the night
without shame, without longing
that which must be released
is the same heavy love
I’m bringing to you.

Rain pounding on the window
lighting balled in the sky
it is the howling of my soul
hungering these miles to you.
My strong and calloused fingers
and my smooth and cooling palms
map the curves and flows, remembered
of your incandescent body.
with the heavy love I bring to you.

I got some heavy, heavy love for you.

This poem first appeared on my MySpace blog, Full Mental Jacket, on 04/17/2006

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5 thoughts on “heavy love

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  2. penniezzfromhellzz on said:

    Good poem, great poem – not so inspiring in the music.

  3. Is it just me or is this a particularly dirty poem?

  4. Lou Reed – that’s who you remind me of. I like the poem – the idea of ‘heavy heavy love’, it’s very passionate. I don’t know that I do like the music that much – it needs a very deep voice, I think, to emphasise the ‘heavy’ – and perhaps to be very slow.

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