my cruel microscope

are the currency of strangers.
she speaks
I speak
and somehow
we both make it through
the night.

her truth
her loss
are all unequivocal
in the hard
unflinching eye
of my cruel microscope.

she dissects herself ,
to the absent –
all to be proven pure
in her trust
in her pain
in the righteousness of her betrayals

as I lean in from the distance
of my cruel microscope.

This poem first appeared on my MySpace blog, Full Mental Jacket, on 03/03/2006

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6 thoughts on “my cruel microscope

  1. littleglasspen on said:

    fantastic opening line.
    & the microscope is cruel.


  2. Love the new accompaniment to this – has a real electro feel to it. And the “U2” guitar is alternately sweet and bitter.

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  4. hans kreher on said:

    She is oblivious to what is happening, or reveals herself any way, knowing full well he is digesting every one of her words.
    True to life.

  5. The cool detachment of the music contrasts his epic focus on her. This is the modern internet relationship in a nutshell.

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